How do you make a bra comfortable

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back of tight bra
If the back rides up try a band extender
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Wondering how do you make a bra comfortable: follow these easy fixes

Ladies of all shapes and sizes know what itís like to buy a sexy new bra only to find it pokes and pulls the first time you wear it. Women wear a bra all day every day and yet this is the garment that causes the most discomfort. No more!

The following modifications answer the age old question of how do you make a bra comfortable. These tweaks will put an end to the pain ladies have grown accustomed to enduring, including back and neck pain and skin chaffing. Bad bras can even irritate the cartilage around the rib cage, causing it to become inflamed.

When you think about the damage they can do, bras sound more like torture devices. Women continue to wear them despite the pain because they want the support and like how they shape the body. Making these small changes will help you enjoy all the benefits and none of the pain.

Double check that youíre wearing the right size

If you are a large-busted, don't settle for a bra that doesn't quite fit. Look for pretty bras in extended cup sizes and styles that flatter your particular figure.

One international survey of 10,000 women found that 60% were wearing the wrong bra size. You can tell the size is off if the cups wrinkle, the band inches up, the straps slip, the underwire pokes your sides or other flaws you consistently experience with various styles. Have yourself professionally fitted or check out Real Simpleís guide on measuring your correct bra size.

Once you confirm youíre wearing the right size, try to isolate the source of the pain and make the corresponding adjustment.

Pain around the ribcage

How do you make a bra comfortable if youíve gained weight, but youíre cup size hasnít changed? Adjusting the length of the band wonít help if the tissue around your rib cage has thickened. Instead try bra extenders Ė theyíre cheap and super easy to use because they simply link to the hooks of the band.

Underwire poking

Who wants to walk around all day getting poked in the sides by a thin, pointy wire? Nobody! You have a few options if this is your main annoyance. Women with smaller chests or high ribcages should try switching to styles without underwire. There are countless ones to chose from that give just as much push and support as underwires.

Alternatively, try bra extenders so the wire is shifted to surround the entire underside of the breast. If the wire doesnít lay flush against your sides, the cups are probably too small. The other cause may be that the wires donít fit your natural shape. If this is the case, carefully adjust the shaping of the wires to your body.

Tired of showing the world your straps

Showy straps arenít so much painful as annoying. Thereís nothing like showing up for a professional event in a great sleeveless dress only to have your straps peaking out all night. Pulling them up constantly would make any gal go a little crazy, but what makes it worse is loose straps usually look worn and old, adding embarrassment to the mix.

Bands and cups tend to outlive straps. Itís a terrible fact of life, but the situation isnít without hope. Strap connectors or holders create a Y-shaped racerback by pulling the straps together in the back. This way they wonít slip off your shoulders. You can also use a double-sided tape to hold them down.

Thereís no need to compromise style, endure pain or jiggling. Donít settle for anything less than one that shapes, supports, firms and makes you look and feel fabulous. Every woman whoís ever wondered how do you make a bra comfortable just needs to be willing to make a few adjustments. Voila!

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