What is cruelty free couture

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Hemp and organic cotton are an irresistible combination
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Eco-friendly and trendy is the answer to

Just what is couture, let alone cruelty free couture?

"Couture" is actually a French word meaning: design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client's specific requirements and measurements.

These aren't clothes you buy off the rack at a department store, mind you, but exclusive custom fitting garments made specifically for one customer. No size 8, 10, or 12, but actual measurements taken from the customer to create a form fitting gown or jacket. Couture designs are often hand-made with the highest quality materials and fabrics.

No leather or furs

"Cruelty free couture" takes it one step further in that no animals are harmed in any way when creating or sewing custom designed apparel.

Leather and furs take a back seat when it comes to designing that expensive evening gown. The tide is turning in social circles to protect animal rights and discourage cruel methods used by some manufacturers. If you don't buy the fur coat, you eliminate the market for it. Many celebrities today speak out against cruelty to animals and lead the way in cruelty free fashions.  

Cruelty free couture can also go hand in hand with eco-friendly fashions and is a great way to "go green." Today's clothing is organic and is often labeled as "vegan."

Instead of a leather jacket, many are now made of all-natural materials such as 100% cotton, organic hemp, soy or even bamboo rayon. Eco-friendly clothing is not only cruelty free, but is produced from crops not requiring pesticides or chemicals. They create less waste and use less energy to be produced. This reduces the carbon footprint left on the environment. Combining cruelty free couture with eco-friendly products is a match made for any designer demanding ethical treatment of animals and our planet.


Leather shoes
are even being replaced with plastics.

They are not only trendy, but this type of footwear can be recycled. Unlike the plastics of years gone by that were stiff, cut into your feet and caused feet to sweat due to poor ventilation, plastic shoes are ergonomically designed and make a fashion statement. When the shoes are tired and old, put them in your plastics bin to be recycled and reused. 

Handbags no longer have to be of alligator, buckskin or leather either.

Synthetic and all natural material handbags that are designed to be eye-catching and appealing to the customer, make their own fashion statement when out in public. No cruelty involved here, just the perfect accessory for the socially conscious buyer that demands great fashion without an animal paying the high price of style.

So the next time you are looking for the custom designed jacket or dress for that special occasion, be sure your fashion choice is cruelty free couture. A socially responsible choice that saves animals from needless harm that can also be eco-friendly to the environment. The less carbon footprint humans leave the better for all inhabitants of this one planet we live on.

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