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Best Company Home Security rates and ranks home security companies with real user reviews to help you select the best protection for your home and property.

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  • Find honest breakdowns of each home security company, with unbiased opinions on services, equipment, customer satisfaction and pricing.

  • Read rankings based on the Best Company Home Security 9-Point Ranking Criteria for real information you can trust as you shop for a home alarm system.

  • Protect your home and family from break-ins and home invasions with home security that is easy, intelligent and affordable and made to address your specific safety concerns.

  • More than 130 home security companies and 7000 real customer reviews bring you the top recommended home security companies, with contact information, pricing, service overviews and real customer reviews PLUS scores that guide your decision making.

  • Get the best home security in your state when you search by location, with the top companies available by region and security system details.

  • Compare home security companies and shop using the expert tips on home security, personal safety and how to protect your property.