Back to School Bargain Stores and Catalogs

back to school bargains

Shopping for back to school supplies, clothing, and technology can put a strain on the family budget. Here are ten great back to school bargain stores and catalogs for a little checkbook relief.

10. Howard Computers

Howard Computers back to school supplies

Make sure your student is connected with the latest computers and tablets at great prices. Look for browsing speed over storage, because students store and access most of their documents and programs on the Cloud. The faster the computer, the more quickly that homework gets completed.

9. Heartland America

Heartland America catalog

Electronics, sporting goods, study helpers and great prices on tennis shoes, too. Heartland America has a vast selection of all the basics your student needs for both the classroom and their own study space at home.

8. SF Cable

SF Cable catalog

Nothing is more frustrating for a student than coming up short a connection. Not being able to connect devices, hook up audio components, or add HDMI and USB adapters can bring hard work to a hard stop. Make sure that your student is connected – literally.

7. Company Kids

Company Kids catalog

Is it time to ditch the little kid theme in your child’s bedroom and update the vibe to meet the expectations of a new school year with new challenges and opportunities? Find bedding, room decor, and cool personalized accessories for your school kid. You will find free shipping and every day great prices on top quality, colorful, kids’ room products.

6. Discount Dance Supply

Discount Dance Supply catalog

For dance class and gymnastics, including the most popular tops and gym shorts, Discount Dance Supply will save you money on all the accessories you need for your kids. Grab dance shoes for tap or ballet, dance tights, and warmups to keep your young dancer cozy on those cold rehearsal or performance mornings.

5. Sam Ash Music

Sam Ash Music catalog

Students will find beginner level instruments and study accessories at Sam Ash, whether they are into classical or rock and roll. Look through the catalog of acoustic and electric guitars, or opt for a bass guitar. Next stop: band practice in the basement.

4. 3B Scientific – Science Education

3B Scientific Science Education catalog

Students in every single science discipline will have the study edge with the lab equipment, charts, models, and study aids here. Biology, physics, chemistry, and earth science students benefit from the experiments and interactive models that made science a hands-on activity, and get a serious boost in both learning and grades.

3. Therapro

Therapro catalog

Both professionals and families will appreciate the selection of occupational and physical therapy aids that make learning more accessible for diffently-able students. Find speech therapy products, fine motor skills activities, and rehabilitative products that help teaching outcomes. Save money with their coupon, too.

2. Art Supply Wholesale Club

Art Supply Wholesale Club catalog

Buy your student’s art supplies at wholesale prices and fuel their creative side all year long. For art class, after school activities, and weekend hobbies, this is the online store to find everything you need to keep the art project cupboard full.

1. Just For Kix

Just For Kix catalog

If your child loves dance and has a calendar full of rehearsals and performances, you will love the convenience of ordering online to get dance uniforms, competition dance and cheer gear, and beautiful costumes. Don’t spend both time and too much money driving around town to find the right color tights and the perfect neckline for that bodysuit; get on your computer and order everything.

by Info Guru Samantha Rose

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