A list of the best of bushcraft gearContributed by Tim Brugger, Catalogs.com Top 10 Guru

Bushcraft, for the initiated, is essentially Man vs. Wild on steroids.

Brought to us from the folks Down Under, bushcraft is the art of survival in the harshest of conditions. Living as one with nature, using the natural surroundings to not just survive but thrive takes a certain sort of someone; and the right bushcraft gear.

And we’re not talking about necessities like iPods and hairdryers here; we need equipment that will help see us through the night in the great outdoors. Time to load up on provisions with the best bushcraft gear.

Jungle hammock

Serious camp bed

A list of the best of bushcraft gear

No 8-man pop up tent with assorted matching chairs and a blow up futon for the bushcraftsman, no way. Sleep in style and safety, up in the trees with this military style jungle hammock. Personally, I think just owning a piece of equipment called a “jungle hammock” gives you a jumpstart over the survival wannabes.

Working knife

Cleaning game and chopping jungles

A list of the best of bushcraft gear

Now that’s a knife. No self-respecting bushcraft master would be caught dead without her knife, and not just any knife will do. Since it’s likely it’ll be used to gut fish, hack down jungle vines thicker than a redwood and fight off the elusive Bengal tiger, better go with titanium. Look for an assortment of knives, this one just looks the nastiest; in a good, bushcraft gear sort of way.

Powerful scope

Scanning the trail ahead

A list of the best of bushcraft gear

Practicing bushcrafters know it’s important to scan the horizon when communing with nature. No real reason per se, it’s just what you do when you’re out in the wilderness fighting off bear, wolves and other predators. That can make for a long day, so a little casual scanning helps to take your mind off things. This little scope from Heartland America is pocket sized, made from brass and will crank up your viewing range by 25x.

Fishing line

Basic tackle and gear

A list of the best of bushcraft gear

Fishing is a necessary skill for practicers of bushcraft. Though, rods and reels are for wimps. Some of the strongest, toughest line on the market today is all that’s needed, the rest we’ll build MacGyver style. An outdoor gear store will have a well stocked fishing gear section, including line, tackle and yes, even poles.

Base layer

Clothing for warmth

A list of the best of bushcraft gear

Made from merino wool (that’s the good stuff), this Midweight Zip T makes the perfect base layer. Practicing bushcraft isn’t a seasonal obsession, it’s year-round. So bushcraft gear that fights off the elements; and it’s all about layers, a necessity. This’ll keep the blood flowing until you’re able to secure enough animal pelts to make a proper outerlayer.

Sportsman axe

Essential tool

A list of the best of bushcraft gear

The multi-purpose hatchet, a must-have piece of bushcraft gear. Getting wood for a fire (which, naturally you’ll start using no matches; again, for wimps), digging holes for no reason whatsoever and fending off wolverines are just some of the uses for this can’t do without item. And for under $8 at Camping World, it will appeal to the most discerning of nature lovers.