Colors and moods in fashion can alter the way you feel about yourself

Colors and moods in fashion can alter the way you feel about yourself

You are depressed and it shows on your face and in your carriage. It may also show in your clothing. Colors and moods in fashion are every bit as revealing as the scowl on your face and that wrinkled brow in showing the world your current state of mind.

When decorating a home, the colors, furnishings and lights you choose all have a bearing on the overall ambiance of the residence. The same goes for clothing. It tells everyone what your disposition is that day. You know .. I’m mad at the world and want everyone to know it!

No make-up; dirty, straggly hair; raggedy jeans and a bleach stained t-shirt says you really don’t give a darn and would have preferred staying in bed. On the other hand, someone who takes the time to color coordinate outfits and don dazzling accessories appears confident, well put together and very much alive and intending to stay that way.

Color not only impacts the way others perceive you — the person dressed in an all-black Goth ensemble may seem downright scary and unapproachable — but also affects you.

See that woman dressed in red clothing? She looks powerful, energized and doesn’t mind being the center of attention. She appears passionate and romantic.

What about the woman in orange? She is upbeat and dynamic and certainly no wall flower.

Yellow perks you up. If you are feeling blue, slip into that canary yellow jacket and it may elevate your mood better than an anti-depressant. Try it. It can’t hurt.

Blue is a lovely hue. It is soothing but can indicate a person is a bit unapproachable and cool. Of course, that depends on the shade. A periwinkle blue dress does not give off aloof vibes although a dark navy blue suit may. Blue enhances creativity.

Green reportedly lowers stress. It is linked to nature and is relaxing.

Purple is a regal color, associated with royalty. It evokes perceptions of sumptuousness and it is inspirational. Purple is sophisticated, spiritual and stimulating.

Pink is girlie and romantic. This color lifts your spirits and those of the people who see you wearing it. It says you are happy and romantic.

Black is an imposing hue. It is a good look for anyone trying to get a job or a promotion or wanting to hide some extra pounds. It connotes authority, power, responsibility and seriousness. It can also be quite sexy.

White is clean, fresh, innocent, simple and peaceful.

The Impact of Jewelry on Mood

The ideal way to switch up your look and reveal exactly how you feel is easily achieved by wearing different colored gems. You are in a sapphire mood today so switch up the ruby for sapphire. If you purchase jewelry with interchangeable stones, you have gone from red to blue in the blink of the eye but are wearing the same necklace. This is an affordable way to get two, or even three or four looks out of one item of jewelry.

Wearing jewelry adds glitz and glam to an otherwise ordinary ensemble. Catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and that sassy necklace you’re wearing can do wonders when it comes to pulling you out of the doldrums.

Try it. Wear a new shade of clothing, accessorized with some sparkling gems, and see how people react to you. Did the man at the party look at you differently than he did the last time because this time you were clad in a bright, red dress and some smoking hot jewels rather than sporting a dull gray outfit?

Color should not be underestimated. It is a powerful and affordable commodity. Use it to your benefit.