colors that work togetherContributed by Info Guru Angela Hail

Whether interior decorating, crafting, or putting together an outfit, color is most often the first consideration.

You want something that works, something to garner a certain reaction from those who look upon your creation. If you happen to need a little inspiration in putting together your palette, here is a list to get you started.

10. Purple and Yellow

Purple and Yellow

This is a regal combination which looks good despite conventional wisdom. The simple beauty of a pansy proves nature always knows better than convention.

9. Pink and Brown

Pink and Brown

These nostalgic colors are reminiscent of pretty scroll-work stationary and pink poodle skirts. The brown lends the pink a more grounded feel, and pink gives brown a whimsical boost.

8. Blue and Green

 Blue and Green

“Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose …” James Taylor knew what he was talking about with this dreamy duo. Blues and greens are naturally calming colors, and can impart the serenity of sea in pastels, or a vibrant liveliness in bold jungle green and cobalt.

7. Red and Black

Red and Black

A classic yet striking combination, red and black are the ultimate power colors. Think vampires, sleek sports cars, and femme fatales. Red and black lend sharpness to any ensemble, from Asian flare to cosmopolitan chic.

6. Gray on Gray

Gray on Gray

Adorn it in gray—gray as a gray, gray day. Any photographer fond of black and white will extol the beauty, depth, and subtlety of gray. Layering the different shades of gray, from pale mist to deep charcoal, portrays a feeling of calm and seriousness without severity.

5. Pink and Yellow

Pink and Yellow

Pretty as flowers and candy and Caribbean sunsets. This combination can be as subdued as a little girl’s Easter dress or as loud and splashy as a carnival lollypop. Either way, pink and yellow bring sunshine to any setting.

4. Orange and Brown

Orange and Brown

Orange finds its earthy home with brown, forming the quintessential autumn look. Brown will always subdue, but depending on how bright you crank up your orange, this combination can be cozy and sentimental or bold and fiery.

3. Purple and Black

Purple and Black

These are the colors of midnight, of magic and mystery. Purple pairs with black to create a sleek, sultry effect that is always eye catching.

2. Red and Green

Red and Green

Although your first inclination may be to shy away from these “Christmas colors,” this natural pairing is quite striking and considers a second look. Deep hunter green with wine red feels warm and inviting, while emerald green and ruby seem to positively glow.

1. Orange and Blue

Orange and Blue

This is an uncommon yet winning matchup, each color enhancing the other until their brilliance is cranked up to eleven. When you hear designers say “these colors pop,” this is what they’re talking about.