Comfortable Chairs for You

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comfortable chairsContributed by Info Guru Aurora Lajambre

The world is filled with things to sit on – tree branches, stoops, swings and much more – but when you’re looking for a comfortable seat for daily use it’s time to raise the standards.

The right chairs for you will add style to your space, but also offer substantial support and comfort.

This top ten list shares the best of the best for the office, living room or your back patio.

10. Extra Wide

Extra Wide

Nobody loves constantly shifting on tiny chairs that fit as well as someone else’s shoes. Extra wide chairs lend a classic look to any room, and luxurious thick cushioning for when it’s time to rest.

9. Lounge Chairs

Lounge Chairs

Though it may seem redundant to look for a relaxing lounge chair, not all designs are created equal. Some are sleek and distinctly modern, while others look more like a high tech gadget. The gentle wave lounge chair comes with a remote control to manage massage and rocking features.

8. Rock It

Rock It

What makes the perfect rocking chair? It has to have the right balance so you can tilt back and forth without ending up on the floor, for one thing. Past presidents including J.F.K. and Lincoln were often photographed looking thoughtful in their simple wood rockers. No front porch is complete without a good one to join the club.

7. The Hudson

The Hudson

Over at, a DIY maven shares her experience hunting for living room chairs that offer as much style as comfort. After testing ones from Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and other home stores, she fell hard for the Hudson from Restoration Hardware. You can choose from camel-back and straight-back, as well as slipcovered or leather versions.

6. Counter Stools

 Counter Stools

Bar and counter stools put you at the perfect height to prepare a meal or enjoy a glass of wine while your honey whips something up. These comfortable chairs for you are designed to support the back without feeling too stiff. They come with cushions, wicker or smooth wood seats and typically have a bar across the front so your feet don’t have to dangle. From modern to provincial, you can find stools in any style to fit your taste.

5. Think Ergonomic

Think Ergonomic

According to, typical desk chairs put a stress on the spine that can lead to back problems. Ergonomic furniture protects and supports your spine. A few features to look for include adjustable height, lumbar support and a 12” to 19” wide back rest.

4. The Recliner Lift

 The Recliner Lift

There’s nothing better at the end of a long day than relaxing in your own recliner with your feet up and head back. The only challenge is getting up. Whether you have back, knee or other chronic problems, electric lift chairs make it easy to get up without straining yourself. They come in four different sizes to ensure the right height proportion.

3. Keep your cool

office chair

Here is the perfect solution for long hours at the office. An animal print office chair will project your cool and be comfortable no matter how long you have to fight with that stubborn spreadsheet. Look for a chair with a full swivel, and adjustable height to make sure you can reach everything easily and work comfortably.

2. Hanging Basket Chairs

Hanging Basket Chairs

Hanging basket chairs are so incredibly fun to relax in, and they make you feel like a kid. Hang one from the ceiling or porch, or look for one that comes with a metal frame to attach it to. The colorful seat (pictured above) featured on Apartment Therapy ideal for a family room, kids’ playroom, bedroom or anyplace where you have a spare corner to read in.

1. Wicker Glider

Wicker Glider

Love wicker furniture and it’ll love you right back! This material gives you all the style, texture and variety of colors you could want. Woven seats offer a deceptively simple look that you can customize with different cushions. It holds up to outdoor elements, or softens your interior with a traditional touch. This Chesapeake Single Glider gives full support and ultimate ease wherever you happen to be.

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