Creative ideas to promote your tradeshow booth

Use creative ideas to promote your tradeshow booth and get traffic that helps yo

Use creative ideas to promote your tradeshow booth and get traffic that helps yo

When you attend a trade event, you will need to stand out in the crowd and get your message across. Keep it short and sweet. People with too many choices take seconds to decide where to stop and linger. 

Plan your design with a quick sketch matching the dimensions you’ve signed up for. Figure out what goes where to call to you from a distance. Don’t be afraid to get creative and change things up as you go.

Beyond your company logo, you’ll need to display a short phrase that says what you do or what problem you solve. Place that statement boldly on a banner or a table stand. Keep your scheme to two or three colors, and, believe it or not, keep a fair amount of white space. Avoid a jarring competition of images and clashing colors. You may think they will jump out, but you will wind up with a jumble and sensory overload.

Eye-popping signs and balloons help flag down traffic. Large format stand-up curvilinear prints can defy the boxy look of most tradeshow booths. Photo subjects should be simple and clear so that people passing by don’t have to squint to make out your idea. Canopy tents for outdoor events can unify the whole.


You might be tempted to run wild and cover every inch of the small space you have with photos, but too many may be confusing. As with public ads and billboards you see in the world, you want to strike a strong note with your brand, your message, and a powerful, emotive image. You can add perhaps two others that flank the center as reinforcements. Literature should be neatly stacked and repeat the images in the display.

In a small or midsize space, use the back wall to convey your takeaway idea. This will represent what you want visitors to remember. Perhaps you’re launching a new product, or reinforcing sense of trust and durability. Digital screens with changing images may attract some people, but print graphics and messages tend to give your offerings a sense of permanence and solidity. Consider adding a QR code to your print display to offer a video or microsite.

If all you have is a table in a row of others, table covers and runners can be printed to your liking, with your logo and defining statement, or an attention-grabbing full-color photo.

People love to take things away, and they will recall your company when they see those items. Branded giveaways can range from fun toys like hand spinners to useful items such as USB drives, LED key chains, bottle openers, earbuds, and pens. Place these separately in bags or bowls. You can also keep a few in sight and pull more from a hiding place to avoid a cluttered look.
Distinct lanyards, caps, and badge holders can set your team apart visually. Keep the look minimal in these as well. You’re all professionals, not a group of crazed sports fans.

You will want to think about the floor plan for accessibility and flow. 

  • Where and how will you greet people?    
  • Where do you want them to go? You’re creating a story that they can easily follow. Leave some room to move and have a relaxed conversation.   
  • Do you have room for seating?   
  • Can you offer them a bottle of ice water from a branded cooler with ice?   

In your layout, save the most specialized information for last as visitors browse through. Make sure they have a place to drop their business cards.

Now that you have their attention, you’re ready to gain leads from the curious and promote your business.