Decorating for new years

Some tips about decorating for that special new years party

Some tips about decorating for that special new years party

Decorating for new years can be a daunting task. The right lighting adds a definitive touch to any chosen decor, but it shouldn?t be overdone. Parties require planning and organization; if you are lacking these two skills, it might be better to go to someone else?s new years party. But if you can keep your attitude as well as your heart light, you can enjoy decorating your home for New Years Eve and pull off a great holiday bash.

 It is the subtle touches that set the mood for any festive occasion. Decorating for new years is no exception. Flourishes can be as simple as a colored tablecloth or holiday dinnerware or as fancy and complicated as Georgian silver and elegant floral arrangements. Here are some tips about decorating for new years. May they bring you tranquility and organized bliss.


How can you organize your ideas when decorating for new years?

1- Create a party-planning notebook

Buy a three-ring binder that will allow picture inserts. As you come across decorating, themes, menus and recipes that catch your eye throughout the year cut them out and put them in. After your own party or other parties you attend, write down what went well and what should never happen again. This ongoing journal will become a guide down a path of a different type of enlightenment; one measured by success and lower stress levels.

2- Focus on fun

You want to enjoy decorating for new years. Too much ornamentation can get lost in a room with a lot of people standing around clinking glasses and making strange promises to themselves and others.

3- Decide on impact points

Decorations for new years should be strategically placed so that they will get the most impact. Your front walkway where you greet guests is the perfect spot for lights surrounding the door and/or floral arrangements. Also the front door can express an uncommonly beautiful statement with a large swag of evergreen decorated with nuts, apples, raffia and ribbon and spiced with cinnamon sticks and cloves.

If you are planning a sit-down dinner, avoid tall center-pieces on the dining room table because guests can?t see each other across the table. Remember color scheme is important for impact. White table-cloths reflect the light, add a feeling of elegance, and don’t interfere with colored china. Bold colors are for drama. Table decorations can be cumbersome; consider decorating above archways and doors instead.

Don?t forget the powder room. This is the one place guests can take the time to look around and notice the decorations. If your TV looks like a black hole in your party room, turn it off and play an old black and white classic movie of the season with the sound turned off.

4- Make your own decorations

Save some money and make your own decorations. Reuse that Christmas wrap and cur out snowflakes and dangle them from different spots with some of that used ribbon. Choose a color scheme and then go to town with curling ribbon instead of paper streamers and balloons filled with confetti (use a funnel). You can also write out fortunes on small slips of paper and pop one into each balloon. Let your imagination take you where you have never been.

There are a myriad of different ways to approach decorating for new years. Your house party should be a simple affair, but also well-planned and prepared with tenderness and care.

These are the times to remember as it all slips by so quickly, like sand sifting through an hour-glass.

Happy New Year everyone!