Best of … dog and cat food

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One of the best of dog and cat foodsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

For pet lovers, buying any old food simply won’t do.

What goes in their bodies makes a world of difference in their coats, the amount of energy they have and their overall physical well-being. Of course, we all know some dogs and cats that would eat bark dust if given a choice, so it’s up to us to make sure they eat right.

Buying healthy dog and cat food doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, as the following Best of Dog and Cat Food demonstrates.

Pigs Ears

All natural chew treat

One of the best of dog and cat foods

Okay, it’s safe to say what a dog finds tasty may not head the top of our culinary list. But hey, this isn’t about us, it’s about our favorite four-legged friend. In between delicious yet still nutritious meals, toss Fido one of these pig ears. He’ll thank you profusely, all the while working his way in, through and around this all-natural treat.

Science Diet

Gourmet cat food

One of the best of dog and cat foods

Normally, I have a problem with cats, or pets of any kind for that matter, that appear to be eating dog and cat food of higher quality than my dinner. Take this savory chicken entrée for adult cats, or if you and your cat prefer turkey, you can find that too. I suppose that’s the type of sacrifice we as pet owners make, feeding our furry companions savory plates while we boil up another box of Mac & Cheese.

Simply Wild

Organic dog food

One of the best of dog and cat foods

If you’re a person that takes the time needed to ensure you know what’s going into your body, it’s likely you’ll want to take the same care when exploring dog and cat food. A top rated line of holistic dog and cat foods, Simply Wild, is chock full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, in addition to being some darn good chow. Without all the preservatives or fake flavors, Simply Wild will also help boost your pooch’s immune system and fight off some environmental toxins. While I’m no chemist, I’m pretty sure fighting off toxins has to be a good thing.

Fortune Cookie Treats

Lucky dog!

One of the best of dog and cat foods

All natural Kung Fu Fido Fortune Cookies; how cool is that? Sure, you can toss your dog another treat shaped like a bone and he’ll eat it (yawn…). But why not break out of the staid, boring dog treat routine with a few all natural fortune cookies for dogs? Each box includes 12 individually wrapped cookies, and is on sale right now at Cherrybrook for just over $5. Time to go shopping, young grasshopper.


Grain free, healthy senior dog nutrition

The elder pets among us require dog and cat food specially formulated for those who’ve added wisdom to their already long list of positive attributes. “Now” Senior Formula provides your experienced pup with the nutrition she needs, from the hormone-free fresh meat, and garden-fresh veggies and fruit, to added taurine to help combat liver disease, seizure disorders, and Type 1 diabetes.

For the aged felines in your family, Senior Cat Formulas provide a healthy alternative to standard adult cat foods, with the healthy meats, veggies and supplements senior cats needs.


Kitty milk

Pro Biolac kitten milk replacement

If you’ve recently rescued a kitten, or are having trouble weaning the little guy from Mom, traditional cat food isn’t ideal just yet. Lambert Vet Supply’s Pro-Biolac milk is a great substitute or addition, to the real thing. For older cats that are exhibiting some anxiety (and the brandy just isn’t working), Pro Bilac kitten milk is ideal. The easily digestible nutrients and similarity to the real thing provide a calming effect the whole family will notice, and your cat will appreciate. (If at all possible, do try to make sure your kitten gets colostrum for at least the first two days after birth. After that, Pro-Biolac will keep them growing and thriving until weaning.)