Farmhouse style decorating

Farmhouse style decorating works in the county or the city

Farmhouse style decorating works in the county or the city

Farmhouse style decorating is homey, comforting and oh-so-chic. If you want to decorate your home in this manner, you can do so with a little help from some special decorations. Turning your home into a sanctuary with a farmhouse decorating technique is fairly simple and easy to implement, provided you have the proper pieces.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it makes sense to decorate this room in a farmhouse style. Farmhouses are often known for the food they present, so incorporating this theme into the kitchen is typically a natural and organic fit. To start, choose a few country hues in which to color the room. Yellow and blue work well together, and red and dark green are good choices for a farmhouse feel, as well.

Decorate your table with country-chic napkins that will really make the room pop. Choose napkins that feature shades that complement the colors in the room.

Instead of the typical sink, go with a hand-pump faucet. This accent will definitely add some authenticity to your farmhouse kitchen. You can also use old dishcloths to decorate your windows with, along with rustic cupboards. Choose cupboards that feature distressed-looking wood. This feature makes your kitchen look just like it belongs in a farmhouse.


Wooden floors that are painted white really give your room a farmhouse feel, as do distressed-looking floors. Add a soft texture to the room by scattering the floor with hand hooked throw-rugs. Not only do they add style to your floor, but they are nice and warm on your feet. 


An iron bed that looks a little rusty is the perfect centerpiece for your farmhouse-style room. A floral quilt or comforter is the perfect accessory for your country bed and makes your bedroom look very comforting.

Adding wainscoting to the walls is also a country-style touch. And skip using bright and bold colors; farmhouse-style colors are typically soft and muted. Try using an eggshell white, or even brown. Doing so makes your room look calm and relaxing, which can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Living Room

Wood moldings may not sound like much, but believe it or not, they can make a huge impact on your room. Molding painted a light color can make your wooden floors look like they came straight out of the country.

Large couches and loveseats add a farmhouse-feel, as do simple coffee and end tables. Wooden furniture is typically used in farmhouse style decorating, and you can change the appearance of any old or outdated furniture by throwing slipcovers over top of them. Transform your old and dingy couch into a bright and fresh-feeling piece of furniture with a stylish slipcover. Again, stick with a soft color and pattern, such as stripes or small flowers. You’ll likely be surprised at just how much of a difference a slip cover can make.

A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf also adds a piece of the farmhouse-feel to your home. Decorating your living room or library with these shelves adds color, texture and design to the room.

And don’t forget the walls. Incorporate some real farmhouse pieces into your d?cor by hanging antique rug beaters on the walls. You can also hang up old signs that could be found in a barn. These simple touches can really make your home take on that farmhouse feel.

A farmhouse-inspired home oozes with warmth and comfort. Whether you have a house full of people, or it is simply just you, you’ll always feel welcome when your home is styled in this manner.