So you have decided to throw yourself a little party and you want to have this particular party be the best anyone can remember. One way you can make sure to have a great party is to adopt and stick to a theme. Theme parties let people know what they can expect to see and do when they get to the party. These kinds of parties have a little bit of forced fun, but once people get past being forced to do something, they generally agree that they are fun.

If you are having a hard time figuring out a great theme for your next party, check out one of these.

Poker and Casino Parties

One of the best theme parties you can have is to set your house up as if it looks like a casino. Get yourself some high end poker chips and if you really want to go all out you can get yourself a top of the line poker table. Make sure everyone is bringing their cash in order for this party to work its magic.

Instead of just playing poker, you can play a bunch of different games. You can set up a different game for different rooms. You can award prizes or have other kinds of contests, even leading up to the “Night’s Champion.”

Wine Tasting and Wine & Cheese Parties

This is a rather obvious one, you simply invite people over who you know love a great Cabernet Sauvignon. This is not your snooty little wine tasting party, swishing it around the glass. You and your friends can try out different wines and have a good time drinking it. Have everyone bring a different bottle in order to get some involvement from your guests.

The next step in creating a great party is to add some cheeses, assorted crackers, and a couple other wines.

Around the World

This particular party is one you are going to see in fraternities and sororities but you can also make it come off as a little more of an adult party. Just set up each room in your house with a different country’s theme. Have your guests dress up in attire from different countries and let the party roll from there.

If the whole idea of costumes get your creative juices rolling, think about a CosPlay party, or encourage everyone to dress up like their favorite mascot.

Pick a Decade

The most obvious is a 1980’s Party. This is one of those parties that everyone can attend because we all have something in our closet that shouldn’t be worn outside that decade. Have your guests dress up in their best 80’s attire, throw on music from that era and let your guests go down memory lane.

Cigar Lounge

With the number of businesses that are shutting down the ability to smoke in public, this kind of a theme is getting more popular. Of course, if you decide to go through with this theme, you should be equipped with some warm weather and a nice porch or deck for people to enjoy their Corojo Robustos.

Scavenger Hunt, a Classic!

This is a great party because there are any number of different ways you can take the hunt. You can have people search your house, your apartment building or the neighborhood. Separate into teams or have people search on-on-one.