How to choose jewelry for your style

How to choose jewelry for your style requires first determining your style

How to choose jewelry for your style requires first determining your style

A woman or man’s preference in jewelry reveals a lot about the person, maybe as much as the clothing she wears, her color choices and her hairstyle. Knowing how to choose the right jewelry for your style requires you to determine what your over-all style is and which accessories visually appeal to you and which you find comfortable to wear.

Are you sporty? Casual? Unconventional? Conventional and conservative? Look at your clothing and make an assessment. It should not be hard to do this.

The fashion you are drawn to depends on your lifestyle, your interests and heritage, color and design preferences and your personality. Some people choose not to wear any ornamentation, which indicates they are a no-frills type. It may also signify they work in a job where accessories are a hazard. On the flip side, there are those fashionistas who can’t step out of the door without at least a little ornamentation and bling.


Bracelets, like other accessories, reveal a lot about a person’s personality and style preference. Some like wearing bangles, which are rigid and circular, while others don’t like wearing them precisely for these reasons. They can get in the way. Another option is the cuff bracelet, which is rigid but can be constructed of a softer material. It does not dangle on the arm. It stays put. The cuff has been around for a long, long time. It has a rather bohemian flare to it.

The hippie girl in you might prefer a beaded bracelet. The nostalgic woman may enjoy wearing a charm bracelet, the charms representing the momentous occasions in her life.

Consider a culture bracelet, such as a Celtic piece that displays Irish symbols, or a snake bracelet, evocative of ancient Rome. Native American Indian jewelry is another great choice. It entails metal and bead work.


Are you drawn to vintage clothing? Then vintage accessories may be the way to go. Even if you don’t dress vintage, adding whimsical touches of antique accessories to a contemporary outfit is going to make a declaration.

Vintage items can be found at estates sales or at stores that specialize in re-creating trends from the past. Vintage rings are a hot ticket and many are choosing this style for their engagement and wedding rooms. Add a brooch to your dress or jacket as your grandmother might have done. This does not look dated but chic.

Young and carefree

The young woman in her short skirt, knee-high boots and funky hat and peasant top may have a preference for piling on the jewelry. Mixing and matching is more than okay. Put on several bracelets and necklaces, evoking the 1980s Madonna. You are only young once so cut loose and have fun.



Those who are conservative and conventional by nature may want some bling but they want it to be understated and elegant. Choose a simple gold or silver chain to wear around the neck.

Budget constraints

If you have champagne taste on a beer budget that creates problems. Check out jewlery that let’s you change the appearance of your accessories. There is some  is nifty and interchangeable jewelry available out there.

Another budget friendly option is to head to area thrift stores. Do clean any earrings you buy with a generous alcohol bath, but otherwise this is a great source for low cost, unique jewlery items. 

Essentially, you know when you’ve landed on the right accessory style for yourself because you want to wear these items over and over again. When wearing an accessories that really doesn’t float your boat, you end up tossing it into the jewelry box, never to be worn again.