How to survive college party life

Tips to help you survive college party life, and still graduate!

Tips to help you survive college party life, and still graduate!

You’re finally away at college.  Gone are the curfews and the parents waiting up for you.  If you’re like most college students, you probably only have classes three or four days a week.  Even with a part time job, you probably have more free time than ever. 

And then there are the parties. Lots of parties.  And you want to go to all of them. But you also want to get decent grades, keep that all-important scholarship, and eventually, get your degree. 

So how can you keep the college party life from taking over?  Here are some ideas for keeping everything in balance.

Know your schedule

No, it doesn’t have to be something set in stone.  But identifying when you have classes, when you plan to study, and when you plan to have a day out or a night off can help you keep the college party life as a realistic part of your life. 

And having parties on your schedule can make it easier to stay home on the nights when you really to study ? something to look forward to!

Know your limits

The legal drinking age in the U.S. means most college students won’t be able to legally get a keg or head out for happy hour.  But the reality is often different, and chances are alcohol will be a part of the college party life even if you’re under age.  

If you’re going to drink at parties, know your limit. Drinking too much the night before a big exam or when you really should be back in the dorm finishing up a major project could spell the end of your college days long before a degree is earned. 


Know how to make choices

One of the most important things you’ll learn in college is how to make choices. You’ll need to choose your major and classes, make choices in schedules and term paper topics, and even make choices in what role the college party life will play in your life. 

The key to surviving…and thriving…in college is choosing wisely. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to take a pass on a party when you know you have a big test coming up.  Other times it’s the best cure for a stressful day, so you can do better tomorrow.  

Know your party options

You can also chose what kind of parties you go to, and what you do there.  Many students enjoy college parties with a soda in their hand instead of a beer.  Others choose parties centered around outdoor activities like boating, the beach or a day on the slopes, instead of at a club or fraternity where the primary focus is on drinking.

Remember, there are many ways to party!

Know that the Internet is forever

That party picture you posted on Facebook yesterday?  The one you would NOT want mom or dad to ever see? Guess what?  Odds are your future employers will be able to find that when you’re ready to start looking for that first big after-college job.  

Make sure your college party life stays in college.  As tempting as it is to post that picture you and sorority sisters doing belly shots or your fraternity brother passed out on the bathroom floor, think twice.  That picture could knock you or your friends out of the running for that corner office long after the party is over.

Fun is not a four letter word

College is one of the most exciting times of your life.  And it should be fun. 

And with a little planning and some good choices, you can have the time of your life, without letting the college party life get in the way of the rest of your dreams.