Irish jewelry for men

Irish jewelry for men is subtle and meaningful

Irish jewelry for men is subtle and meaningful

Celtic jewelry says a lot about the wearer. Sometimes it tells a story, breaks ice between strangers and provokes questions about its meaning. It may tell the world where you?re from and where you hope to go, or about the people and place you hold most dear.

Irish jewelry for men is distinctly masculine. Many of traditional Celtic jewelry designs have deep symbolic meaning – some have multiple meanings depending on how the piece is worn. To choose a piece you know he?ll love and wear, consider how the piece will look and feel as well as what it will mean to him.

Choosing jewelry for a man isn?t complicated. If this is someone you know well enough to give jewelry to, than you probably have a strong sense of what he?ll like. Start by double checking his neck, wrist and fingers to make sure he doesn?t already have the item you?re considering, but be sneaky about it.

The basics

Many women wear their heart of their sleeve when it comes to jewelry; when its love at first sight practicality is not a concern. Men are different. Think about his lifestyle and what type of jewelry won?t interfere with daily activities. For instance, a necklace with a small pendant is a good choice for a man who tends to get his hands dirty.


Research the symbols

Purchasing Irish jewelry for men involves more than picking the right size and metal. If the piece has symbolic meaning, it should be reflective of his beliefs.  Some of the most stunning designs feature the Celtic cross (a cross with a circle around the center). 

The Celtic cross is of Christian origin, so if your recipient isn?t Christian you may want to find out if he?d still wear this. It?s a beautiful symbol and many people who aren?t particularly religious still choose to wear it as it reflects their Irish heritage. Still, it?s a good idea to double check.

Another symbol often used in Irish rings and pendants is the Claddagh. The Claddagh is a perfect gift for a romantic partner as it celebrates love quite literally. The two hands on either side of the heart represent friendship while the heart naturally stands for love. On top of the heart is a crown of unbreakable loyalty.

Claddaghs for men often come as pendants around a necklace or on rings. When worn on a ring, the meaning doubles as an old school relationship status notification. When the heart is turned outwards, it means the wearer is single. When turned in, it means his heart is taken.

The Anam Cara is a metal cuff bracelet with a romantic, but subtle meaning. The words ?anam cara? translate to ?soul friend?. The cuff represents the bond between two soul mates or soul friends.

Err on the side of simplicity

The beauty of Irish jewelry for men is in its simplicity. The classic designs are as appropriate to wear to formal occasions as an office or outdoor barbecue. Your recipient won?t have to think twice about matching it because timeless silver and gold pieces go with anything.

Remember the person you?re shopping for. Just because you fall for a ring with a lovely emerald at the center doesn?t mean he?ll have the same level of appreciation. In general, mean keep their accessories simple and minimal. Don?t try to change him.

Simple doesn?t have to be boring. If you decide to stick with a solid silver band, you can always get the inside engraved with his name, a meaningful phrase or a date. 

Trust your instincts. Choosing a piece of jewelry for someone you care for should be an enjoyable process that prompts you to think deeply about the person and your relationship.