knee socksby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Knee high socks are among the most versatile accessories.

Depending on how you pair they, the can be cute, sexy or wildly stylish. They bring depth and variation to a wide range of classic styles.

Here are ten awesome knee high socks outfit ideas to try!

10. Layered loveliness

Layered loveliness

Cool spring days and chilly nights are perfect times to layer up. Wear tights as your base and layer darker compression knee socks on top for extra warmth. Worn with a light tunic and jacket or long sweater dress, this combo offers an eyeful of textures. Tights also keep high socks from bunching up.

9. Casual day dress

Casual day dress

When you find the perfect casual day dress that’s both comfortable and looks well put together, you don’t need to do much more than brush your hair and smile. However, a gorgeous pair of nylon knee socks in a hue that matches the dress will give you more versatility and comfort on chilly days. Go for patterned socks if the dress is solid or vice versa.

8. Sophisticated student

Sophisticated student

Classic pleated skirts and button down shirt ensembles go from girlish school girl to sophisticated scholar with simple high socks. Choose a ribbed style to accentuate pleats and go for a color that complements, but doesn’t match the clothes. A playful purse and shimmering eyes pull this number together.

7. Cute and sporty

Cute and sporty

Bright socks with quirky patterns add pizzazz to a pair of plain old shorts and a tee. In fact, they look downright sporty. The best thing about these knee high socks outfit ideas is you really can’t go wrong. Bring on the rainbows, polka dots and unicorns. Wear your silly side with pride!

6. Own the preppy

 Own the preppy

You know what really goes well with tasteful, preppy tops and smart dresses? Argyle socks pulled up to the knees help define peppy preppy pastel fashions. They go perfect under trousers or paired with a silk blouse, shift dress or well fitted, equestrian-style blazer.

5. Ready to rock

Ready to rock

Teens, twenty-somethings and any gal who likes to see her favorite band live should own at least one solid pair. Wear them with denim shorts or a skirt and your favorite band shirt to see a show, rehearse with your own band or relax at home.

4. Fearless in leather

Fearless in leather

Leather skirts speak to many fashion-lovers, but they can be tricky to build an outfit from. Accentuate the sheen and texture with knitted or ribbed thigh highs. Wear a sweater or fitted tee on top and you’re ready to party.

3. Put a bow on it

Put a bow on it

Dress up your favorite simple dresses with embellished knee socks. The fancy details look best around the elastic top. Opt for solid colors to draw focus to the details, which may be bows, rhinestones, glitter or other appliqués. They look fabulous with lace up ankle booties in the same color.

2. Sweet and edgy

 Sweet and edgy

Sometimes the most eye-catching ensembles are a play in contradictions. Solid high socks are the edge that some super girly dresses need. This can be a hazy area. Basically, if people start offering you a lollipop in your ruffled cherry print frock, add cool legwear for a more mature look.

1. Ultra fem

Ultra fem

The peek-a-boo of bare skin between the top of the knee and hemline of a pleated dress is simply adorable. Match with a solid bag and saddle shoes or Mary Janes. A killer shade of red lipstick on the kisser take these knee high socks outfit ideas to another level.