Pacific Northwest gourmet foods

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Add these Pacific Northwest gourmet foods to your list of must-try treats!

Add these Pacific Northwest gourmet foods to your list of must-try treats!

Pacific Northwest gourmet foods draw intrepid foodies from across the globe. Why? Because the long growing season, thanks to rich, volcanic soil and wet weather, allows for incredibly diverse crops to flourish. 

We can?t send love to this region without paying tribute to the values of the people who make these states their home. In no other region will you find such a concentration of fair trade and gourmet products from coffee and chocolate, to clothing and everything in between. Socially conscious shoppers find that their dollars go a long way here.

Food trucks and flying fish at the market may be the first images that come to mind when thinking of this region, but there?s much more. This is an inspiring cuisine that stands out for its high quality and creative use of local ingredients. Let?s take a look at some of the most distinctive products.


Voted ?World?s Best? for medium cheddar, Tillamook has wowed cheese lovers for over one hundred years. Tillamook, Rogue Creamery and other local dairy geniuses produce traditional kinds like goat and blue, as well as smoked and jalapeno cheddars. Once you try the real deal, you may never be able to peal the plastic from a single again.


Jams and Preserves

Marionberries are unique to the PNW. If you can?t pluck one off the stem the next best way to taste them is by opening a new jar of Marionberry jam or preserves. Spread some on a homemade muffin, a slice of bread or a chunk of cheddar and savor the sweet, earthy flavors.


Taste the driving flavors in  Pacific Northwest gourmet foods by sampling its condiments. Willamette Valley horseradish and dill mustards come from the same mineral-rich soil as the area?s famous wine grapes, for instance. Other unique products include lavender sugar, marionberry vinaigrette and natural ketchup fro locally grown tomatoes.

Organic and fair trade coffees

You may already know that Starbucks began its empire as one Seattle coffee shop, but today there are a number of socially conscious coffee roasters making the world a better, happily caffeinated place. Trailhead and Portland Roasting are just a few merchants offering organic and fair trade beans from Guatemala, El Salvador and other growing countries. 

Perhaps it?s no coincidence that some of the smoothest blends you can find are roasted within walking distance to the region?s best bakers. Dip a hazelnut shortbread cookie or take a sip after a monkey bite of double chocolate espresso brownie and see if you don?t find yourself in a Portland state of mind.

Smoked salmon and other seafood

There?s a reason smoked salmon fillet is a usual suspect on PNW menus: the meaty, flaky texture is addictive and the farming is sustainable so you can eat with a clear conscience. Try this and other fresh seafood for yourself to taste the difference from standard grocery store options.

Smoked meats

Meat lovers know that one of the best savory treats is cured meat. Pacific Northwest gourmet foods are all about the smoked summer sausage, salami and jerky made from locally raised beef and pork. These products are all natural and made to please the most discerning palates.

If you?ve never visited this region, you can look at stunning pictures of Oregon?s coast, Seattle?s skyline and Crater Lake National Park ? to name a few must-see attractions. But to taste this cuisine don?t take someone else?s word for it. Experience these products for yourself.

If sipping a fresh roasted cup of medium roast while strolling through Powell?s dreamy book shop isn?t on today?s agenda, check out Oregon’s online merchants. These foods will exceed your expectations.