top places to order easter basketsContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

“Here comes Santa Claus …” No, wait. Wrong song, wrong holiday! Oh I know …”Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail …” That’s it! Easter! And Easter means baskets filled with candy and other yummy treats.

But what if it’s hard to find the time to fill all those lovely baskets one at a time? Or what if you have friends and family far away? That’s when it’s time to order Easter baskets, ready to open and enjoy on Easter morning. Here are some of the best places to place your order for ready-to-enjoy baskets, and send sweet spring wishes on their way.

10. Easter baskets with a southern drawl

top places to order easter baskets savannah candy

I love the idea of sending a taste of the South in an Easter basket. I mean, who wouldn’t love a basket filled to the brim with divinity, pralines, truffles and chocolate covered peanut brittle? If this sounds like your kind of Easter basket, head to Savannah’s Candy Kitchen online to order it. They also have tons of delicious treats you can order for the baskets you fill at home, too.

9. Oranges and Easter chocolates? Why not?

top places to order easter baskets oranges and chocolates

The sweetness of chocolate, delivered with a selection of sweet and juicy oranges. Sounds perfect to me. Not only is this selection from Hale Groves adorable, but the fruit makes people feel a little better about indulging in the chocolate!

8. Chocolate covered apples in an Easter basket

top places to order easter baskets chocolate covered apples

Anything chocolate covered is good, but when it’s a firm, juicy apple it’s extra special good. And that’s the centerpiece in Mrs. Prindable’s Easter baskets and Easter gifts. Choose a basket filled with treats and toys, or select a large chocolate-covered apple with a Easter plush friend for a gift that doesn’t even need a basket.

7. Forget the candy … she’s got brownies! And cookies!

top places to order easter baskets cookies and brownies

The “she” I’m talking about is Mrs. Fields. You know, the queen of the cookie … the reason the mall smells so good? Yup, that’s the one. And although the basket doesn’t actually say “Easter”, I’m willing to bet that no one will complain about the lack of a bunny when they get a basket filled with cookies and brownies!

6. It pops, the bunny hops. That works!

top places to order easter baskets popcorn

While we’re on the subject of places to order Easter baskets that aren’t your usual hollow chocolate rabbits and cream eggs, I had to throw in the popcorn Easter gift tins. Yes, they’re sweet, but they’re not candy. And yes, they’re even colorful. But traditional? Nah! But who’s going to complain through their mouthfuls of gourmet popcorn?

5. Cookies for an Easter basket


I promise we’ll get back to some of the more familiar Easter basket ideas, for the traditionalists among you. But baskets filled with gourmet cookies do an amazing job of celebrating the old and the new. Bake Me A Wish brings home-baked taste to mail-order… and that’s worth celebrating any holiday of the year.

4. Now this is familiar Easter basket ground


The Candy Crate understands that sometimes you just want to send what you remember from your own childhood. That’s why they offer colorful Easter candy fills baskets with the beloved standbys, like M&Ms, jelly beans, marshmallow chicks and solid chocolate bunnies.

3. For the chocolate-addicted

top places to order easter baskets fine chocolates from lindt

If you have a serious chocolate lover on your list, why not order Easter baskets that feature the some of the best of their obsession? Fancy chocolates gift baskets work perfectly as Easter baskets for the person who thinks of the world as actually being divided into dark and milk chocolate.

2. Gourmet taste, Easter look

top places to order easter baskets harry and david

Harry and David has a reputation for creating mouth-watering gift baskets, and their Easter baskets are no exception. They combine the Harry and David level of gourmet taste with classic Easter gifts like plush bunnies and chocolate eggs. You can even add fresh fruit and baked goods for an extra-special basket.

1. If you can’t find a basket here …

top places to order easter baskets 1800 baskets

No matter what kind of treats you want to include when you order your baskets, odds are you’ll find it at Swiss Colony. The selection of themed baskets, include spring-colored cookies and other sweets, or any one of their hundreds of other basket choices, from chocolates to wine (for the grown-up Easter basket!)