Plus size furniture

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Living XL offers innovative plus size furniture and unique plus size products

Living XL offers innovative plus size furniture and unique plus size products

Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own homes and especially, in their own furniture.  But being a plus sized person in an average size world can make comfort a challenging proposition.  Finding shoes and clothing designed to accommodate plus sizes can be difficult enough.  Finding plus size furniture can be mission impossible!

During my college years, I had a friend who was seven feet tall.  I remember my friend?s frustration about sleeping on conventional college dormitory beds.  His feet hung off the edge of the bed, and he never could seem to get a good night sleep.  Given my friend?s height, his dormitory desk was simply a joke.  He could never sit at his desk to do school work, because his knees barely fit beneath the desk, and the chair gave him backaches.

Our college residential department was at a loss for how to help this young man.  There simply were no options for larger dormitory furniture.  Eventually, he moved off campus to an apartment he could furnish with his own custom furniture.

These days, there are more options for plus size furniture.  Thankfully, due to an increased demand, institutions such as colleges, universities, corporations, and businesses are finally making it a priority to provide plus size furniture options.

The best thing to do when researching plus size furniture is to ask different manufacturers what weight and height restrictions their products have.  If height and weight requirements are important for you or someone in your family, consider the options carefully, because ill-fitting furniture can actually lead to serious health problems for plus size people.

Temporary pain, as well as permanent damage to backs, knees, necks, muscles as well joints and ligaments can result from sleeping on an ill fitting bed.  Since the majority of people spend 6 ?10 hours every night sleeping, a comfortable bed is simply priceless.  If you only ever purchase one piece of plus size furniture, definitely buy the plus size bed.

One of the best current retailers for plus size furniture is Living XL.  This innovative company offers a wide selection of chairs, sofas, bedding, and other furniture, as well as sports equipment, travel and luggage items, and bath accessories, all designed to meet the lifestyle needs of plus sized people. 

If you are seeking products and furniture for plus size people, peruse the Living XL website.  These unique products can make a tremendous difference to lives and comfort levels of plus size people.