Romantic Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Lovers

couple in loveContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

It used to be that the only Hanukkah gifts were coins for small children. In recent years, that simple beginning has expanded to include eight nights of gifts small and large for children. And now adults are getting in on the act, with Hanukkah presents for grown-ups, too.

With all the gift giving, it only seems natural that presents for your beloved are also now a part of the celebration. Here are ten romantic Hanukkah gift ideas for your sweetie, just perfect for giving in the flicker of holiday candlelight.

10. Fine toffee and chocolates

Chocolate coins are a common sight on Hanukkah. They’re cute for kids, but your sweetie deserves something much better. Treat your honey to chocolate candy as wonderful as they are. Go for a box of toffee in their favorite varieties, or surprise them with a giant bar of something really awesome. (Just make sure they know that sharing with you is part of the gift!)

9. A star to wear

Star of David necklace

The Star of David is one of the most popular symbols of Judaism, so it’s a wonderful gift for Hanukkah. But when it’s a gift for your beloved, look for one with all the beauty of your feelings for them. Pair it with a note telling them that they are your personal star sent from heaven, and a simple piece of jewelry will become a symbol of your connection.

8. A menorah to share

first night of Hanukkah menorah

If you two are a couple, a special Hanukkah menorah to light together can be a wonderful choice. Not only does it celebrate the holiday, it says that you plan to be with them for Hanukkahs to come. That is a romantic message anyone can appreciate!

7. Eight days of getaway

romantic couple on beach

This year, why not celebrate Hanukkah on a special getaway just for two? Head to a trpoical beach and light your candles in sand. Or get cozy in a mountain cabin, where the candles can make the falling snowflakes sparkle. A travel agency that specializes in honeymoon trips can suggest the perfect just-you-two destination, even if it’s not an actual honeymoon.

6. A cuddly stuffed lion

stuffed plush lion

The word “Maccabees” is commonly translated as “Lion of God.” So why not give your honey a big, cuddly stuffed lion to mark the holiday? Add a message about how fiercely in love you are, and you have the perfect romantic Hanukkah gift.

5. A twist on the dreidel game


Far be it from me to turn a simple family game into a bedroom one, but… you could create your own version of the dreidel game for just the two of you to play in private. Think up a new meaning for each letter on the dreidel and play throughout the holiday. Or get really creative and make a different version for each of the eight nights. Stock up on scented candles (in blue and white, of course!) and let the games begin!

4. An oil massage

person getting massage

Oil was such an important part of the Hanukkah miracle — in fact that’s why we eat foods cooked in oil. So when it comes to romantic gift ideas for Hanukkah, why not use some of that oil for a relaxing massage? Pick your partner’s favorite scent and find a massage oil to match. Light some candles (another nod to the holiday!) and show them how much you care.

3. A candlelight dinner for two


Candles are everywhere during Hanukkah, so why not on your dinner table? Make an elegant dinner for two (or order it in), light the Hanukkah candles, plus a few tapers and toast to a happy holiday as a couple.

2. The gift of giving back

couple helping old man

Sometimes doing something together for someone else is one of the most romantic things you can do. Arrange for you and your beloved to spend a day helping the hungry, working with kids, or visiting elderly shut-ins. A day tikkun olam (healing the world) not only helps someone in need, it can bring you closer, too.

1. An engagement ring

GRAY AND SONS Diamond Engagement Ring

If it’s time to pop the question, why not do it with the sparkle of Hanukkah candles all around? Wait until the last night, light candles on as many menorahs as you can find, then let the beauty of the candle light illuminate her smile…and that beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Celebrate love and the miracles of Hanukkah this year with these wonderful, romantic Hanukkah gift ideas. Or come up with ideas of your own to add a sparkle of romance to the lights of the holiday.

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