Choosing comfortable shoes for wide feet

Style doesn't take a backseat to comfort when choosing shoes for wide feet

Style doesn’t take a backseat to comfort when choosing shoes for wide feet

Choosing comfortable shoes for wide feet can be quite difficult, but finding stylish shoes for wide feet is often challenging, as well. Many women with wide feet have come to the conclusion that they have to sacrifice style for comfort, which is not the case — they just haven’t looked at the right places.

Back in the day, one could almost always point out a woman who had wide feet by looking at the type of shoe she was wearing. She would likely not wear high heels, anything strappy, flats or even open-toed shoes. In short, a woman with wide feet was basically not able to wear anything cute. Fortunately, times have changed and a variety of styles and choices are available in shoes for wide feet, including calf boots and mules.

Why are some women blessed with wide feet and not others? Genetics and a history of foot injury seem to play a part. In addition, constantly wearing high heels and having foot conditions, such as bunions, can also cause a woman’s foot to expand. Not wearing the appropriate size and trying to squeeze into a shoe that is too narrow can cause corns, callouses, bunions or even “claw toe.”

When choosing comfortable shoes for wide feet, buyers should take a few things into consideration. If one foot is wider than the other, go with the size that fits the larger foot. You can add inserts and other devices on the smaller foot to make it fit in the larger shoe; however, it is almost impossible to fit a larger foot in a smaller shoe. Putting a shoe on a foot that is too small can cause your skin to bulge out of the shoe, which is extremely unattractive, and can cause foot problems and pain.


Choose shoes that allow for adjustments, such as a strappy wedge. The elastic straps in this shoe give room to move, while the buckle can be adjusted to fit your foot. Also, don’t forget to decorate your feet with shoe accessories. For instance, choose a shoe that has a pretty flower, bow, buckle or ruffle. Just because your feet are a bit wide, doesn’t mean they have to hide. However, if looking for a way to make your foot look just a bit smaller, choose a shoe that is darker in color, such as black and deep reds, purples and greens.

While most every woman wants to wear a cute shoe, it is important that the shoe must be healthy for the foot and body. It is often under-estimated how much a shoe can play a part in a body’s health. A shoe that doesn’t fit properly can not only cause foot pain, but can also lead to leg and back problems, as well. We all want to look good, but we can’t compromise our health to do so. Therefore, take your time and research your options when choosing your shoes.

Selecting the appropriate fitness or hiking shoes is extremely important when choosing comfortable shoes for wide feet. Not only do they need to fit, but they need to support your body and feet, as well. Walking shoes contain a variety of features, including the Achilles notch, the toe box and ankle collar, to keep you moving safely. Always choose your shoes from a fitness professional, preferably one who specializes in wide feet. Take your old fitness shoes with you when purchasing a new pair. The shape of your foot and the places in which the most wear occurs can be determined by studying the shoes.

Even stylish pumps are on the menu for women with wide feet. Just be sure to try the pair on and walk around to ensure their comfort and fit. What may seem comfortable while sitting in a chair can be a whole different story when your feet hit the ground.

Women with wide feet should embrace their sizes and seek out shoes that both flatter and provide comfort to their feet. Make choosing comfortable shoes for wide feet a “soleful” experience by loving–not hiding–what you have.

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