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Everyone wants to get something new for their house every now and then.

Whether talking about a new home, or one lived in for years a redesign or addition is just something fun to do every once in a while. The real question is what do you want to outfit your home with in order to get the most bang for your buck. What are some things you should strive to have in your home? We’ve helped solve that particular riddle with the following top 10 wonderful things for your home. We’re not saying that if you skip any of these that you’re a bad person. We might be insinuating that fact though.

10. Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace

There really isn’t anything better than being able to gather around a roaring fire on those cold winter evenings. The best kind of fireplace for many homeowners is an electric fireplace because they eliminate the smoke and dust that comes with traditional wood burning styles.

9. Firepit


If you can’t get a fireplace into your living room, then the next best thing is a fire pit in your backyard. The fire pit trend has been picking up steam over the last few years. People love to be able to have the cookout or campout feel right in their backyard. They like to do it in style and that means a veritable cornucopia of fire pits to choose from.

8. Grill


In keeping with the “making fire” theme of this list so far, no house is really complete without a gourmet-caliber grill stationed on the deck. The better the grill, the more fun you are going to have cooking out and hanging with your friends and family.

7. Refrigerator


Once you grill a ton of hamburgers and hot dogs, you are going to want to have a really nice place to put the leftovers. Getting yourself a top of the line refrigerator is going to make your home that much nicer.

6. iMac


Every list of wonderful things for a house needs to include a computer with all the bells and whistles. The nice thing about an iMac is that you get a powerful piece of computing equipment that also has a really nice physical appearance.

5. Arcade Games

arcade game

Every house should have a game room, and when talking about wonderful things for your home, there should always be some old school arcade games in this game room. This can either be an old school arcade game, or something electronic like Pac-Man or Frogger.

4. Pool Table

pool table

Speaking of having some “toys” for your home, a pool table definitely qualifies as something wonderful. You can hold tournaments or just play a little 8-ball by yourself, but either way you need a pool table around.

3. 3DTV


Every house needs the best television possible. HDTVs are a good choice, but if you want to go all out you need to get a 3D television. While these can still be quite pricey, they are starting to become more common and cheaper.

2. Home Theater Speakers

Home Theater Speakers

: If you are going to have a great television, you are also going to want to have a great home theater system to go with it. A home theater setup will get you great picture and sound.

1. Leather Recliner

Leather Recliner

If you are really going to be able to enjoy your 3DTV and your surround sound theater, you are going to want a comfy chair to sit in. There are few chairs as comfortable and stylish as a leather recliner. This truly is a wonderful thing to have in your home.

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