Table setting ideas

Get ready to set your table for a party or a romantic dinner for two.

Get ready to set your table for a party or a romantic dinner for two.

Preparing for a party or special occasion dinner means getting everything in order especially your main focal point – the table. After all, the food and drink must be presented in a delectable, pleasing manner to guests and family. 
There is no better way to achieve this appetizing display than to set a table that draws the attention you desire. From the tablecloth that you choose to the napkins and dessert platters, there are some fun variations to traditional table setting ideas that will make a lasting impression on guests.  

For quick table setting makeovers,  one solution is to simply change the tablecloth. Using a white tablecloth gives a more formal appearance while a checkered tablecloth is for informal dining such as an outdoor buffet or picnic. Confetti strewn on a tablecloth typically signifies a celebratory atmosphere such as a birthday. Centerpieces are another way to quickly change the appearance of a table. From seasonal decor such as gourds and pinecones to a slender, crystal vase with a single rose, centerpieces can quickly change the ambiance you are trying to create. 

However, if you are looking to transform your table for that special party, brunch or romantic dinner setting for two, try these table setting ideas: 

Bring some fun to family dinners. With hectic everyday schedules,  getting families together isn’t always easy. This easy table setting idea makes the evening meal fun and is sure to bring families together. Place a lazy susan in the middle of your table and prepare a meal where everyone can add just the ingredients they want to their plate. For example,  prepare a basic salad and load up the lazy susan with goodies such as tomatoes, cheese, croutons, carrots, bacon bits and watch your family dig in to prepare their own custom salad! Mexican style buffets are another fun idea. 


Plan a brunch or continental breakfast – Muffins and pastries on a pedestal plate will make a nice focal point on the table. The slender base gives the pedestal plate height creating a unique centerpiece for the table. Place smaller dessert plates and bowls for fresh fruit around the pedestal plate to balance the setting.  

Throw a festive party  – There are many table setting ideas for throwing a large get together. Punch bowls filled with sliced fruit, decanters of wine, dessert and meat platters are excellent accessories in a festive table setting. Place a decorative, themed tablecloth on the table with personalized paper napkins as a final touch.  

Enjoy the outdoors with a scrumptious buffet – When the weather is nice, there is nothing like dining outside. Keep your table setting natural to blend with the outdoors. Earthenware plates and mugs, floral centerpieces and woven baskets for rolls are nice touches when eating on the patio.

Romantic dinner for two – If you can, choose a cafe style table for intimacy with a white tablecloth. Table setting ideas for a romantic evening include an ice bucket to chill wine or champagne, candlelight, and cloth napkins tied with ribbon around the middle.

Table setting ideas can be festive, romantic, casual or picnic style. Dress up your table for any occasion to make the meal memorable and bring family and friends together.