One of the top ten dramatic curb appeal ideasContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

Some homes, unfortunately, have no drama or curb appeal to them whatsoever.

And then there are those that cause drivers by to slam on the brakes and gawk in wonderment. If slammed brakes are routinely heard in front of the residence, then rest assured the home is wildly appealing.

Here are the top ten dramatic curb appeal ideas:

10. Keep it pristine

One of the top ten dramatic curb appeal ideas

If broken down cars, debris, animal excrement and weeds are the main features in your front yard, forget the notion of curb appeal. Not only will people not look at your house, they will run away from it quickly. You will probably be cited by the municipality as well and should be. Invest in a pressure washer for your driveway and walks, a lawn edger and leaf collector and other grounds care tools to get the job done right.

9. Colorful roof

One of the top ten dramatic curb appeal ideas

A great, colorful roof that is in good condition improves the appearance and curb appeal of a home by volumes. There are tons of roofing options available to day. Don’t underestimate the impact of a great roof.

8. Shutters

One of the top ten dramatic curb appeal ideas

Add louvered, raised or classic panel shutters to your house. Shutters are a wonderful decorating detail. They add Old World charm.

7. Landscaping

One of the top ten dramatic curb appeal ideas

A beautifully landscaped yard has sold more than one house as well as given immense pleasure to the present homeowners. People like their outdoor space where they can unwind, relax, playing with their kids and pets, visit with each other and their guests. A home that has been thoughtfully landscaped with flowers, seasonal bulbs, bushes and trees, and even a garden or two is going to have tremendous curb appeal.

6. Windows

One of the top ten dramatic curb appeal ideas

Windows that are falling apart or need painted or replaced are an eyesore. The installation of handsome windows — that comes in a myriad of styles and colors – not only allows the homeowners to experience a lot of natural light, but it improves the appearance of the home, and its curb appeal, tremendously.

5. Paint

One of the top ten dramatic curb appeal ideas

Paint your house. A coat of fresh paint does wonders for a home. Or install siding. Study the colors that are available in paint and siding as well as complementary colors for the trim and shutters. A boring house can easily be transformed into a looker with new paint or siding.

4. Walkway

One of the top ten dramatic curb appeal ideas

The walkway and steps can make all the difference in how well, or badly, the residence looks. If the sidewalk and/or steps are crumbling, replace them with flagstone, brick or some kind of material that is sturdy and functional yet good-looking. Be creative with the design of the walkway and steps.

3. Fence

One of the top ten dramatic curb appeal ideas

Surrounding your residence and property with a handsome, secure, sturdy fence is a wonderful way to improve the curb appeal of your home. Fences provide security and safety for those inside as well as keep children and pets in the yard, while keeping out those who shouldn’t be on the property.

2. Front porch

One of the top ten dramatic curb appeal ideas

If the home is equipped with a front porch, take full advantage of it. If there isn’t a porch, consider adding one on. A beautiful porch can turn a ho-hum residence into one with dramatic curb appeal. Install some columns, which turn your porch and front door entry way into a focal point. Column wraps are available that can be put over your existing columns, which improves the appearance of the thin, dated columns ten-fold.

Installing new fence railings with wood-, aluminum- or wrought-iron railings increase the appeal of your home. Add some gingerbread, dentil molding and other decorative detail and this makes the home even more charming. Paint the porch floor and the skirting under the porch so that they complement the color of the house trim, then add lattice panels are a great idea for concealing the skirting under the porch.

Stage the scene with a pair of wooden rockers, potted and/or hanging plants, a ceiling fan and wind chimes turn the formerly ignored and eyesore of a front charm into a wonderful retreat.

1. Handsome gate

garden gate

A charming wood gate or wrought iron gate is a dramatic way to welcome people to your property. Investing in a quality, good-looking fence that goes with your home’s architecture will pay back in spades if the time comes to put your home on the market.