Top 10 Games for a Family Reunion

One of the top ten games for family reunionsContributed by Robert Blaine, Top 10 Guru

Family reunions have been made notorious by Hollywood, but even if your estranged sister from Russia doesn’t show up all of a sudden, you can still have a quite exciting event.

There are tons of games you can play that can make the experience utterly rewarding, allowing you and your family members to laugh with joy, sparking a little competitive spirit in your hearts and of course, drawing you even closer to one another.

Family reunions can be huge multi-generational affairs held during the summer, or smaller intimate gatherings for the holidays. There are games and entertainment for any size group.

So, don your family reunion t-shirts, here come the top ten games for a family reunion.

10. Musical chairs

One of the top ten games for family reunions

Musical chairs is a great game for a family reunion, especially if you’re the host and you’re out of chairs. It will always be a blast, as long as things don’t get abusive near the end of the game.

9. Jigsaw puzzle race

One of the top ten games for family reunions

It’s more exciting than it sounds, full of bumping heads, crashing hands and flying puzzle pieces, enough to make your family reunion go very well. Basically, your family splits into two teams and races to finish a jigsaw puzzle before a set time runs out. Whoever is finished or closest to finishing wins. This game may be the missing piece to an entertaining family reunion.

8. Bingo!

One of the top ten games for family reunions

So easy, even your granny can play. In fact, that’s who this game was made for. Still, the whole family – actually, the extended family – can join in on the fun. Everyone is given a bingo card full of numbers or images. When the host calls out a number, check if you have it on your bingo card; if you do, mark it. When you have finally created a straight line of numbers across your card, at the end, yell “Aye Carumba!” What else?

7. Badminton

One of the top ten games for family reunions

Badminton is like tennis for noobies, but golly it’s fun! An outdoor game for the whole family, badminton will definitely bring out the best in a party, although it may bring out the worst in sibling rivals.

6. Family photo hunt

One of the top ten games for family reunions

Just perfect. Hide a series of family-oriented photographs all around your backyard, and have your family search through it, trying to find them. The one with the most findings wins. Just make sure the photos aren’t controversial, or the surprise won’t be pleasant. You don’t want to hear “What were you doing in a picture with Roxanne?”

5. Scattergories

One of the top ten games for family reunions

Scattergories is one of the only smart games that’s actually fun. Pick a list of themes and you’re given 2 minutes to write any appropriate word that starts with a chosen letter. And the catch is – it can’t be the same as another player’s answer. The more you answer, the better. Even large families can play and, believe me, it’s worth it.

4. Capture the flag

One of the top ten games for family reunions

This one is best for the kiddies, but even the old guys can get in on the fun. The object of the game is to chase each other around the yard, trying to steal the other team’s flag and bring it back to your “home area” before getting tagged. Of course, this game’s no fun if you’re playing with Usain Bolt, but otherwise, it can be a rewarding experience for the whole family.

3. Old Maid

One of the top ten games for family reunions

Old Maid is perhaps the most suspenseful “scapegoat” game of all card games. All you need are a deck of cards and a straight face. I mean, a really straight face. The object of Old Maid is to NOT get stuck with the Old Maid. Deal the deck of cards, with either a joker or an Ace as the Old Maid. Each player must find matches for their cards, without picking the Old Maid. If he does pick it accidentally, he’ll have to dump it on someone else without him/her knowing it. That’s where the straight face comes in handy. Whoever is left with the Old Maid at the end loses. By that time, emotions will run so high, it would be impossible not to have a terrific time. That is, unless the loser of the game is your celibate 55 year old aunt.

2. Cranium

One of the top ten games for family reunions

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to play Cranium, but you do have to have “skills.” Move across the board, roll the die, and complete an activity (imitate a celebrity, draw a picture or even hum a song for your teammates to guess), all before the time runs out. Add in a few mind-boggling puzzles and you have yourselves a perfect game for a family reunion, especially if you set it up tournament style. Get multiple boards for large reunions and enjoy the fun.

1. Hot potato camera game

One of the top ten games for family reunions

The Hot Potato camera game is much like hot potato with a digital camera. Yikes! Let me explain. Have your family stand in a circle, set your camera on timer, point it at yourself and pass it around for your family members to do the same. Whoever gets caught on the picture must perform some certain activity, which will usually crack everyone up. Not only is this a fun game, but it’s also a terrific way of capturing memories on photograph, so you can look back at your family reunion for years to come and smile.

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