Top 10 Places to Live in Delaware

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Contributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

places to live in Delaware

Sure it’s a tiny state. But that doesn’t mean Delaware is short on great places to live! In fact this small Atlantic coast state has an abundance of great cities and towns for residents old and brand new to call home.

Not sure where you belong in there? Here’s my list of the top places to live in Delaware, from waterfront towns to thriving cities.

10. Millsboro

top 10 places to live in delaware millsboro

How about a waterfront home along the Indian River? Or maybe golf-course homes are more your style. No worries. You can find both in Millsboro.

This is a beach town, and with the river, several ponds and more, water recreation like boating, fishing and canoeing are at the top of the locals’ lists for weekend fun. Housing average $249,113 for a single family home, but there are lots of properties at both sides of that number, too.

Population: 3,894
Median resident age: 39.6 years
Median household income: $43,774
Median house or condo value: $243,078

9. Hockessin

top 10 places to live in delaware Hockessin

Imagine a mix of old farmhouses, and restored Colonials and Victorians mixed with newer houses, all comfortably nestled in the rolling green hills of Red Clay Valley.

Then add in the quaint downtown, with it’s own mix, this time with trendy and established restaurants, shops and event centers, and you have Hockessin. Small town enough that you’re likely to get to know most of the residents, big enough to offer variety and interest. Housing is available in a wide variety of price ranges, but the mean is about $490,488.

Population: 13,527
Median resident age: 46.8 years
Median household income: $124,884
Median house or condo value: $465,544

8. Milton

top 10 places to live in delaware milton

This classic American small town is rich in history, community and a lifestyle that many believe is a thing of the past in the U.S.

Only 7 miles from the Delaware Bay, Milton’s residents are proud of their town’s lovingly restored Victorian homes, old fashioned ice cream parlor and quality schools. What started as a mill and shipbuilding town is now a modern, welcoming town many Delaware newcomers would love to call home. A relatively affordable housing market, with single family homes averaging $311,997 adds to the area’s desirability.

Population: 2,587
Median resident age: 39.8 years
Median household income: $43,132
Median house or condo value: $276,156

7. Odessa

top 10 places to live in delaware odessa

Ask residents of Odessa why they love their town and odds are two things will come top the list: community and history. This is a town that treasures its Federal architecture and colonial history, and has worked hard to preserve the quaint downtown to reflect those treasures.

It’s also a place where families know each other, kids’ events like ball games and parades take center stage and residents proudly share the responsibility of caring for their town’s beauty.

Schools here are excellent, and housing is affordable with the average single family home listing for about $362,061 (although historic properties do go for more.)

Population: 364
Median resident age: 42.0 years
Median household income: $63,800
Median house or condo value: $348,787

6. Smyrna

top 10 places to live in delaware symrma

If your dream Delaware community is a place where you could feel like a part of the town from day one, you might want to consider Smyrna. This is the kind of town where every tree downtown is decorated with lights during the winter holidays. And almost half the town shows up for school events. The big city? No way. There are only about 11,000 residents here. But the community has everything most residents need, from shopping to dining to good schools.

Single family homes here average about $240,000.

Population: 10,023
Median resident age: 33.9 years
Median household income: $53,622
Median house or condo value: $212,118

5. Greenville-Centreville

top 10 places to live in delaware greenville centreville

This area has everything most American towns wish they did: beautiful house, lots of green and natural open space, top-notch public school, and easy access to world-class museums, great shopping and fine dining.

So why aren’t I living in this lovely Brandywine Valley community? There’s just one teeny-tiny catch. The average single family home comes in at just under a cool million. None-the-less, if the budget permits, go for it!

Population: 2,326
Median resident age: 46.6 years
Median household income: $132,026
Median house or condo value: $777,074

4. North Wilmington

top 10 places to live in delaware. north wilmington

If you want easy access to great museums, top-rated schools and tons of choices in shopping and dining, this might be the city for you. If you want it all with affordable housing (single family homes average $240,000 and are plentiful), then North Wilmington is definitely a Delaware town you need to consider.

Another plus…this area offers easy access to major Interstate highways, making commutes or leisure travel faster and easier.

Population: 70,851
Median resident age: 34.3 years
Median household income: $34,381
Median house or condo value: $176,100

3. Fenwick Island

top 10 places to live in delaware fenwick island

Water, water, everywhere. And for Fenwick Island residents, that’s the primary reason they call this area home. The fact that most of the seasonal visitors and part-time residents go elsewhere as soon as the weather turns chilly is another. Locals like having their space to themselves most of the year.

The good news is that the best restaurants and shops stay open year round. And with a small state like Delaware, it’s an easy drive to larger cities and towns.

Population: 379
Median resident age: 63.9 years
Median household income: $71,019
Median house or condo value: $931,183

2. Lewes

top 10 places to live in Delaware Lewes

This is one of those towns where the question isn’t “Why would you want to live here?” but rather “Why wouldn’t you?”

When it comes to Delaware towns, Lewes has it all…beautiful homes, many of them historic. A strong sense of community, from the Little League to the area festivals. Great shopping and dining in locally-owned businesses. Access to Cape Henlopen State Park. Yes, housing is more expensive than in some other towns, with an average price of just over $800,000. Even so, this might just be the right place to choose when a move to Delaware is in your plans.

Population: 2,747
Median resident age: 62.6 years
Median household income: $66,387
Median house or condo value: $709,867

1. Dover

top 10 places to live in delaware dover

In most states, the capital city offers new residents something just a little bit extra. And Dover, Delaware is no exception. The arts thrive here, innovation in business is encouraged and the proximity to Baltimore keeps entertainment, restaurants and daily life lively. And history is cherished, from restored homes to engaging annual historic events.

Dover is also home to Delaware State University, Wesley College and several other colleges and trade schools, giving this Capital City a distinctly college-town feel. Housing is quite affordable in many areas of Dover, with average prices just under $200,000.

Population: 36,047
Median resident age: 31.3 years
Median household income: $45,679
Median house or condo value: $186,512

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