Contributed by Jennifer Andrews, Top 10 Guru

If you want to clean your home and spaces fast and efficiently, here are the top 10 cleaning agents that will help you accomplish that. It is undeniable that cleaning is a necessary evil for many people that cannot be avoided. Although some people love to take their time to clean, organize, and de-clutter, others want to get it done as quickly as possible. Whichever group you fall into, it is essential to use cleaning agents, products, and tools that will help maintain your furniture, clean your walls and keep your appliances spotless and fresh. Try one or more of the following top 10 cleaning products commonly used in housekeeping for your next cleaning endeavor.

10. Clorox Clean-Up

Clorox, one of the best top 10 cleaning agents

In considering the selection of cleaning agents in housekeeping, you also need to think of its purpose. Clorox Clean-Up is ideal for use in both the kitchen and the bathroom where it kills off odor and disease-causing germs including mold and mildew. This is considered to be one of the best cleaning products for housekeeping because it is very efficient in keeping the floors spotless clean. o wonder why this is part of the top 10 cleaning agents.

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9. Murphy’s Oil Soap

Murphy Oil soap is an effective antibacterial cleaning product

Murphy’s Oil Soap works to polish off furniture and is safe for finished wood surfaces or wood laminate. This is typically the types of cleaning agents used in housekeeping. The oil soap can also be used to scrub hardwood floors for a spotless finish.

8. Windex

Windex is a brand of cleaning agents

Windex is one of the classic types of cleaning agents that works to clean glass surfaces squeaky clean. This has made through the effective house cleaning products list since it is easy to use, it comes in a spray bottle that leaves behind no messy streaks or residue.

7. Mr. Clean

Mr Clean products are efficient cleaning agents

The name Mr. Clean is a brand that always highlights the importance of cleaning agents. It probably conjures up memories of the product’s television commercials and its catchy jingle. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders on kitchen sinks and countertops as well as in removing stains from hardwood flooring.

6. Lysol

Lysol Action Cleaner for Homes

Lysol is an effective bathroom cleaner that works particularly well for toilet cleansing. Use Lysol Toilet Bowl to aid in removing mineral deposit build-up as well as kill off germs.

5. Swiffer Sweeper

Swiffer Sweeper is a good cleaning tool

Peek into most households across the country and you are likely to find a Swiffer Sweeper. This light-weight and easy to use cleaning tool collects dust on hardwood flooring and works quickly.

4. Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner

Green works sanitizing cleaning agents

Among the types of cleaning agents available, an “all-purpose” cleaner is particularly useful. As its name suggests this cleaner works on sinks, countertops, furniture and even mirrors without any sticky residue. These all-around product is one of the types of chemicals for cleaning and sanitizing.

3. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox multi purpose wipes

These Clorox wipes are multi-purpose and can be used in the bathroom, kitchen and even on furniture. Disinfecting ingredients work effectively to eat through scum build-up and wipe away dirt.

2. Oil of Lavender

Lavender oil as household cleaning agent

An eco-friendly way to clear the air in your household is by preparing your own antibacterial spray. Combine one cup of water with 20 drops of essential oil of lavender and shake well to blend as suggested by

1. Pledge

Top 1 cleaning agent brand in the world

Finally, to complete the top 10 cleaning agents list and their uses is a globally renowned brand called Pledge. This brand is a familiar name to most household cleaners and with good reason – their cleaning agents work! In fact, this is one of the well-known in the list of cleaning products brands. Try Pledge with Future Shine Floor Finish on your hardwood floors for a super-shiny floor that will have visitors gushing.