Top 10 Ways to Make Peace

ways to make peaceContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Sprinkling some peace around is on top of your to-do list?

That’s awfully selfless of you. First we need to target and customize those calming sprinkles. While some of the brightest minds in the world pander this on a global level, let’s concentrate our efforts where they’ll have impact.

Here are the top ten ways to make peace whether you’re at the playground or hanging with some hooligans.

10. Repair Bridges

Repair Bridges

It’s a common mistake to leave burnt bridges behind, but they don’t have to stay that way. If you left a past job on a bad note, reach out to the old boss and make amends. Flaked out on a commitment, like a sports team or school club? Apologize and see if there’s any way to you can contribute now. Volunteer at an event or help with fundraising.

9. Kid Fights

Kid Fights

Kid fights can get out of hand real fast. They can even escalate to bullying. Kids that don’t get along are like a time bomb when they’re not taught to leave each other alone. One way to do this is by helping them find fun kids’ activities they enjoy. An occupied child stays out of trouble.

8. Break Bread

break bread

Hunger brings out the worst in people. One of the best ways to make peace is to break bread with someone, ideally tasty bread. Cook delicious, healthy food with love then share it and your generous spirit will any boot hostility out the door.

7. Raise Your Voice

Raise Your Voice

As much as your partner loves hearing you rant, there are better recipients when it’s about a cause close to your heart. Want a quieter neighborhood? Go to business owners and tell them to contain their customers. Next step is filing a noise complaint. Frustrated about tax cuts to local arts programs? Write your government. Spend that feisty energy brainstorming solutions!

6. Be Kind to Your Body

Be Kind to Your Body

The mind aspires big when considering all of the ways to make peace. Reel it in and treat your body right. You’ll help the world more when you’re at your best. Go on a diet cleanse to flush out the toxins, or spend more time exercising. Meditation is an effective way to ease your mind. Check out resources for health and nutrition products to maintain the healthy boost.

5. Be Curious

be curious

Knowledge is the power that allows us to embrace diversity, differences in political and social opinions and other hot button topics. Ask questions and make a better effort to learn about other cultures around you. People put their guard down when you show an interest in learning more about them, plus you’ll feel happier. Freakonomics smartie pants Justin Wolf makes the case that happier people make more money. Everyone wins.

4. Live a Green Lifestyle

green lifestyle

The environment needs a lot of love. Everyone needs to treat it like a queen not a trash can, and there are many ways to do so. Always recycle everything you possibly can. If it’s in good enough shape for a second life, donate it and some crafty person will upcycle it. Use green home products for cleaning and furnishings and wear organic clothing.

3. Forgive

love is all you need

Grudges are no fun. They wedge their way wedge into families and friendships because people can be stubborn. Be the bigger person and forgive. Need a little push? Here are the top ten reasons love is all you need.

2. Shush

close your mouth

Anger flares when one half of a conversation or debate can’t get a word in edge wise. The key to being a better listener is to close your mouth and pay attention to what the other person is saying. Many ugly relationship squabbles can be avoided by showing as much patience for your partner as you would a colleague.

1. Spread Joy

spread joy

Joyful people don’t have time to fight and create problems because they’re too busy dancing, laughing and generally celebrating life. They say people are more likely to voice negative opinions than positive ones because they’re fired up when they’re angry. End this cycle and say positive things even when you’re moody. Post glowing restaurant reviews of your favorite places. Throw a party for someone special. Write to head of an organization you admire and tell them they’re doing great work. Hold doors. Smile. Tell someone when their fly is down. Plant trees, and help build levees and homes for people who need them.

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