Using flower essences for healing

Using flower essences for healing the mind, body and spirit

Using flower essences for healing the mind, body and spirit

Flowers bring an array of beauty into the world, but they?re much more than eye candy. Using flower essences for healing puts their gentle qualities to work. These liquid elixirs are used to help treat negative emotions, clarify purpose, attract love and even aid people in making life transformations.

It?s relatively common knowledge that simply adding a vase of flowers to a room can help lift spirits. Many are familiar with the pleasant effect certain aromatherapy essential oils can have on the body. However, not many people are aware of how flower essences heal the mind, body and spirit.

Essences are different from the essential oils used in candles and lotions. Some say they come from the mind of the flower. They?re produced by steeping flower blossoms in pure water or alcohol and heating it up either in the sun or over a flame. The infused water is then used to help people deal with their negative feelings and make subtle, positive changes in how the live and perceive the world.


Negative emotions are harmful to the body. Stress makes the heart race, causes restless sleep and wears away the immune system. Depression makes a person feel exhausted all the time, they don?t go outside for fresh air or exercise. Anxiety and fear compels a person to shy away from taking chances.

As with many homeopathic remedies, essences help – they don?t flip the Cured button – but they do help. Use them to help your body stay calm and process extreme emotions like fear, anger and insecurity. In addition to feeling better in the moment, calming frenzied emotions safeguards the immune system, which often becomes vulnerable during stressful times.

Using flower essences for healing is a common practice among naturopaths and other alternative healing professionals. Many believe they work to help balance the mind and body when it?s in a negative state. For instance, a few drops of honeysuckle will help you stop dwelling on regrets.

They?re also widely used by people who want to attract love, opportunities, creativity, better sleep and an inner sense of peace into their lives. If you?re agitated, unfocused or feeling diminished, a combination of up to seven different flowers will both soften the negative and help you feel more positive.

Ways to use them

There are many different ways to use essences. Some people add a few drops under their tongue a few times a day. Others use them directly on chakras or acupuncture points on the skin. You can also add some to a glass of water or hot cup of tea, swirl them in a bath or mist them around children.

Some people use them to address physical ailments or seasonal allergies, but most people use them to prompt emotional, mental and sometimes spiritual healing. They won?t suppress the symptoms the way pharmaceuticals do. Rather they stimulate fuller awareness throughout the mind and body, which leads to transformation.

Using flower essences for healing does not act as a substitute for professional medical help. They won?t interact with medications and are completely safe for children, pregnant women and sick people. Since some have an alcohol base, people who are sensitive to alcohol should stick with water-based options.

Whether you?re curious or convinced, try an essence a few times a day for about a week. Why not? Here are a few popular ones to start with:

  • Wild rose to counter apathy
  • Willow to counter resentment
  • Aspen to counter fear
  • Lady?s slipper to find your destiny and unite your spiritual purpose with your work
  • Angelica for protection and guidance
  • Lotus for higher insight and deeper meditation
  • Sage to cleanse the self  

Flower essences are easy to find at homeopathic and natural health stores.