Do a friend a favor: Share your anti-aging secrets with her.

Do a friend a favor: Share your anti-aging secrets with her.

What are anti-aging secrets? Sometimes they?re the best kept secrets of the ?stars,? who pay dearly for them but then the provider decides s/he wants a piece of the action, goes public (think the shopping channels) and gets rich!

Now we can all look like ? well. You get the picture.
When you hear or use the term ?anti-aging? this refers to purposeful intervention in an attempt to slow down the natural decline that occurs over time. The objective is to feel and look better and not look or feel your age.

Hopefully, your life is extended in the process because you are stopping, slowing down and maybe even reversing some of the changes that come with age and time. 
Some anti-aging secrets are closely guarded secrets and only passed down within a family. Great Grandma Sudie slathered Vaseline on her face every night. Your great-aunt Cecile drank tons of green tea. Your father?s second cousin twice removed never stepped foot outside without a hat and look at HER skin, and she?s 92! Smooth as a baby?s butt.

Find a line of anti-aging cosmetics and facial treatments and stick with it. Use them religiously. They will make a difference.

Often the best anti aging *secrets* are the simplest. Eating right, sleeping well, wearing sunscreen, not smoking, not drinking in excess and exercising are the keys and not so secret although sometimes humans tend to be lazy and don?t follow even the easiest course of action.


Furthermore, yes, genetics is definitely involved, and you have to fess up to that and deal with it. If generations of women in your family have gone gray early or lost their hair or have skin that looks like leather you KNOW the cards you have been dealt so you need to be extra vigilant.

Some do seem to have found the fountain of youth, and you can?t help but wonder, ?How IS she doing that?? 

A diet that is rich in olive oil is an anti-aging secret that many women, particularly those from the Mediterranean, know. Olive oil hydrates your skin and hair. It can be ingested or applied topically. Olive oil acts as a clarifying agent. Since ancient times, it has been used to infuse moisture into hair and treat dry skin. When you eat it, olive oil soothes and benefits your digestive tract, stimulates your metabolism and lubricates mucous membranes. 

Awareness of your specific skin type is one of the first secrets that you need to be aware of. If you are using the wrong products for your skin this exasperates existing problems. If you have dry skin you are going to need concentrated hydrating products. If you have oily skin, you need something that reins in the dryness but doesn?t result in flaky skin. If you have combination skin that leads to another set of problems. 

It?s hard to keep your age at bay when you are having skin problems, such as rosacea, acne, post facial surgery issues or shaving inflammation. There are products designed to address these specific needs, which you may not be aware of. 

If you are an emotional wreck all the time, this is going to age you rapidly. This shouldn?t be a surprise or a secret but some people may not realize how swiftly stress can age them. It shows up on your skin and in your eyes. Figure out a way to eliminate or at least lessen your stress and in the process come up with a better way to cope. Ask your friends how they deal with stress. They may have some great secrets that they will share. Coping may include meditating, going for long walks, doing yoga or any form of physical exercise.

Women of a certain age lose vital hormones. Talk to your physician about natural ways of maintaining a hormonal balance, which is vitally important to your skin, hair and the rest of your body, including your libido. Some women opt to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT.)

Ask your friends for their anti-aging secrets, especially the older ones who look great. You may be surprised to hear what their anti-aging tips are.