What can I take on a cruise ship

Here are answers for What can I take on a cruise ship so you pack smart

Here are answers for What can I take on a cruise ship so you pack smart

If you’re sailing the seven seas, or simply taking a relaxing cruise, you’re probably wondering ?what can I take on a cruise ship?? Cruises typically offer limited amounts of space, so you can’t bring your entire wardrobe. However, you must also bring certain essential items. 

Knowing exactly what to bring on a cruise can make the difference between a stressful trip and one that is absolutely fantastic.


The clothing you wear can really make or break your time vacationing. You have to feel comfortable, but you also have to look the part. Make sure you bring clothing that is easy to war and appropriate for the weather, which depends on where you are traveling. Obviously, going down to the tropics requires lighter clothing than a trip up to Alaska.Remember that if you are cruising south of the equator, the seasons are opposite those of the U.S.

Bring clothing you can lounge in while on the ship, but also bring gear that allows you to have fun during any excursions you may take. Shorts, shirts, pants, flip flops, tennis or hiking shoes and pants will probably cover you if you’re destined for warm weather. If going somewhere colder, pack pants, sweaters, sweatshirts and similar types of clothing that will keep you warm and comfy.

Many cruise ships also host formal dinners, in which you are expected to wear special occasion dresses, gowns and suits or tuxedos. Check with your cruise line as to what kind of formal attire you should bring if your line hosts theses types of meals.

Of course, you can’t forget your pajamas and your unmentionables. Some cruise lines offer laundry services, and before you decide on the amount of underwear you bring, check to see if you are able to have your clothes washed for you. If so, then you may not have to bring as much as you would if they didn’t.

Lastly, if you are going to a warm locale, be sure to bring a bathing suit or two. Cold environments require coats and jackets. If you’re bringing children, make sure you bring clothing of this nature to accommodate them, as well.


Cruises often take you out of the country. Because of this, you’ll need to make sure you bring your passport or birth certificate or whatever type of identification that country requires. If not, you may not be able to enter the country you are trying to get into.


Make sure you don’t forget to bring any medications you require. If so, you may end up becoming sick and in need of a way off of the ship. Bringing anti-sea sickness medication is also helpful to many. Cruises tend to rock back and forth and cause your stomach to become queasy, particularly if the cruise hits a storm.


High quality sunglasses are essential wherever you travel. If you are going into an environment that is cold, you’ll still need protection from the sun on your eyes. Make sure you choose a pair that not only looks good for your face shape, but that also protects your eyes from harmful rays.

Sunblock is also a must-have for wherever you go. Even if there’s snow on the ground, the sun still poses a threat to your skin. The sun hits the snow and causes a reflection, which can burn and irritate your skin. Use the highest SPF you can find to keep your skin healthy and safe from the sun.

Cameras and video cameras are also essential when going on a cruise. A pocket-sized camcorder is easy to carry with you and lots of fun. Capturing a few pictures and moments on camera can keep those memories fresh for a long time.

What Not To Bring

Knowing what not to bring on a cruise is just as important as knowing what to bring on a cruise.

Forget bringing illegal drugs on board or those for which you don’t have a current prescription. Alcohol is also forbidden as a carry-on. There is plenty to purchase on the ship!

Additionally, leave your expensive jewelry at home. Although you want to look your best on vacation, you probably don’t want to risk losing your priceless jewelry. Of course, you should also leave any weapons you have at home.

Now that you don’t have to wonder ?what can I bring on a cruise ship? anymore, you’re sure to increase the pleasure of your vacation by bringing the right items.


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