What is the mystery of Oak Island?

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Who really knows that the real mystery of Oak Island is

Who really knows that the real mystery of Oak Island is

Oak Island is a small privately-owned piece of land off of the coast of Nova Scotia Canada. At first it may seem like another beautiful little Canadian island, but it is also the focal point of a treasure hunt that has lasted for more than two centuries.

Historians, amateur treasure hunters, and mystery fans have long wondered what the mystery of Oak Island is and why it has captured the imagination of a whole new audience of television viewers.


The Oak Island mystery began in the late eighteenth century when a dying member of the crew of notorious pirate Captain Kidd who claimed, shortly before his death, that a treasure was buried on Oak Island worth two million British pounds.


Years later, in the year 1799, a man named McGinnis discovered a depression in the ground on Oak Island while looking for a place to farm. Mr. McGinnis was well aware of the legendary treasure buried on Oak Island and began to dig with a crew of other men, some of whom abandoned the project early on due to their superstitious beliefs.

Early excavations into this area yielded some interesting results such a tool marks, non-native materials and other signs that the area had indeed been visited by outsiders.

Later a larger expedition by a group known as the Onslow Company also yielded a strange large stone inscripted with alien markings which have yet to be definitively deciphered. The Onslow company was the first of many to attempt excavation with other groups intermittently attempting to unearth treasure from the site which later became known as the money pit.  

What has been discovered is a series of interconnected tunnels and pathways that seem to interact with coastline in a way that causes them to flood when breached; essentially a giant underground boobytrap. These tunnels are structured in such a way as to leave many archaeologists baffled as to where they came and how they could have been built two hundred years ago.

Some believe that these are man-made holes that have been built in such a manner as to cause them to flood whenever anyone gets too close to whatever may be at the bottom. Others, however, contend that these are simply natural sinkholes that happen to exist where artifacts from earlier settlers were found and deny any possibility of intentional building or hidden treasure.  

What is the Treasure?

There is no solid answer to this question as of yet.

Many believe it to be the plundered treasure of Captain Kidd, the unpublished works of Shakespeare, or the missing jewels of Mary Antoinette.

Some theorists go so far as to suggest that a mythological or religious relic might be at the bottom of the Oak Island Mystery such as the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail; offering an explanation as to the strange happenings on the grounds.

Either way, it is impossible to deny the fact that something is going on under the ground of Oak Island.