What to do on your birthday

What to do on your birthday: creative, meaningful ideas for adult birthdays

What to do on your birthday: creative, meaningful ideas for adult birthdays

A birthday is always a special day that calls for celebration.  Birthday traditions are easy for children, who inherently enjoy birthday parties, balloons, cake and gifts.  However, birthday ideas for adults actually require a more creativity, planning and thoughtful consideration.  If you are debating what to do on your birthday, or if you have a friend or relative with an upcoming birthday, consider these unique ideas for adult birthdays

If your birthday falls on a work day, consider taking the day off as a personal day.  Break with tradition!  Do something unusual or out of the ordinary.  Plan an excursion that is meaningful to you, or treat yourself to something you might normally thing is too much of a luxury purchase

What To Do On Your Birthday:  Unique, Meaningful Birthday Ideas for Adults

1)  If you have a favorite restaurant, make a reservation.  Consider inviting a few close friends or relatives.  A birthday party does not necessarily have to be a huge, expensive event with lots of guests.  Sometimes a quiet, enjoyable dinner with a few close friends can be a particularly enjoyable excursion. 

2)  Spend your birthday outdoors!  Go hiking, visit a state park, or depending on the season, plan an expedition such as a fishing trip, a ski trip, a day at the beach or even a trip to an amusement park.


3)  Is there something you have always wanted to do, but never seemed to have the time or the opportunity?  Perhaps you always wanted to learn how to sail, play the piano, drive a race car, travel somewhere unusual or go bungee jumping.  An experience that involves the intellectual or spiritual enrichment of learning something new is the perfect answer to what to do on your birthday.

4)  Pamper yourself with an activity that will help you to relax, or feel better about yourself.  For instance, get a massage, a new haircut, a pedicure, a spa treatment, or even a membership to your local gym.

5)  If you can?t think of anything you want or need for yourself, celebrate your birthday as a ?backwards day? and think of special things to give other people, or volunteer your time at a local charity.  Although this concept may seem peculiar, the gift of giving can be particularly rewarding.  Don?t be surprised if this activity cheers you up even more than indulging yourself on your birthday.

If you are truly stumped for ideas about what to do on your birthday, there is actually a helpful paperback book titled 101 Outrageous Things to do on your Birthday.  This book, written by Herbert Kavet lists all sorts of silly, daring, unconventional, fun and rewarding ideas for making a birthday a memorable and even epic event.