Where to advertise your favorite cause

Here are a couple of places where you can advertise your favorite cause

Here are a couple of places where you can advertise your favorite cause

We all want to feel like we are doing all we can for the causes we truly believe in. We don’t want to feel like we might be leaving something out by not going everywhere and talking to everyone we can in order to advance that cause. The fact of the matter is we simply cannot reach everyone we want to personally and that is where advertising comes in. We want to get our cause out there and we want to find the best way and the best place to do it.

There are literally dozens of different ways you can go about letting people know you support a position, but there are a couple of ways and a couple of locations that will help you answer the question of where to advertise your favorite cause.

Offline Advertising

One approach that is tried and true and becoming new again is to go with custom stickers. By using stickers you can literally blanket an area such as bus stops, or city park or even streetlamps with your cause. Get a big enough sticker, or enough of them and you could even cover your car – and those of all your friends – or bicycle.

The big draw of using stickers is that there are ways to design almost anything you want and have it look however you want. If you get plenty of colorful stickers and put them in places people are going to see them, chances are they’ll stop and take another look because they stand out. This can get costly too, but you’ll likely still save some coin compared to other offline advertisement approaches.

When talking about offline advertising, there are quite a few others angles to take. A billboard is always going to be one way to make sure you are showing you care about a topic. If you put this billboard in an area that has quite a bit of traffic you are certainly going to get some eyeballs.

Putting an advertisement in the newspaper or on the radio or television is going to be another good way to make sure you are reaching a wide audience. Newspaper ads are also a good way to go about making sure people are seeing your message.

The problem with all of these is that the price to do these things can vary wildly and quite a few of them are going to be priced out of your range. You also run the risk of people ignoring your message as just another advertisement in a long string.

Online Advertising

The first place most people think of advertising a cause in the digital age is to go online. Social media has allowed average people who would never have been able to get their positions out to the public before an outlet that can be incredibly powerful.

There is a reason why companies like Facebook and Twitter are becoming so popular among the biggest brands and the biggest entertainment venues in the world. Using these sites is an easy (and usually cheap by advertising standards) way to reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of sets of eyeballs.

If you happen to have a social media flair and a big following, you can certainly find a way to advertise your favorite cause completely free of charge. If you can come up with a sort of original way to promote that cause, you will even catch on quicker and could reach more eyes than some of those huge companies are known to do. 

The downside of trying to get your position out there online and through social media is that you need to have not only the right numbers of followers, but the right kind of followers. If you have a ton of Facebook friends or Twitter followers, that still might not be enough to get your cause promoted. Those friends are also going to have to be active in their own little communities and willing to pass on a message when you put it out there.

You’re going to have a really big problem if you don’t have a ton of social media presence. You’ll certainly advertise your cause to those who know you, but they likely already know the issue at hand is something you care about.