From the M2 communications Wine Education Center: “Since the beginning of civilization, wine has been a source of pleasure to mankind.

Wine is one of the first things Man created. No one knows who made the first wine or enjoyed its effects, but it is woven through the tapestry of human history like few other products.

It has played many roles as part of religious ceremonies, as medicine and antiseptic, a water purifier, a transformer of meals into a feast, and as a comforting friend and a courageous partner.” This online article goes on to say, “In enjoying wine we connect with history and with those before us who have participated in one of mankind’s earliest and simplest pleasures.”

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Now, in some states, the new legislature has made it even easier and more affordable to purchase wine online. In fact, you can now join a prestigious online wine club and have a different wine delivered to your door every month. You can select which types of wine you particularly favor and your membership in your wine of the month club assures you of receiving the very best at an affordable price.

Just think how much time and effort this will save you! No more wandering the isles of a local wine merchant or your supermarket. With a click of your mouse, you’ll be able to enjoy “the nectar of the gods” without ever leaving your home!

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A May 16th ruling found that Michigan and New York’s wine shipping laws violated the commerce clause of the Constitution because they let in-state wineries ship directly to consumers while denying that privilege to out-of-state wineries.

Now, Michigan, New York, and states with similar laws must choose to allow both intrastate and interstate online wine sales or ban them entirely. When you visit your wine of the month club site, check to see what your state’s position is.

Now that you’ve learned about and decided to go online for all of your wine purchases via wine of the month clubs, you should find the perfect place to store your wine, whether it’s a case or just a few bottles.

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Wine racks offer you the ideal solution. You can find a wide variety of wine racks online from the simplest to the most complex and with designs to fit any room decor. And, perhaps, what’s more important is that wine racks are available at a wide range of prices. Check them out and you’ll find one that will suit your home and your budget.