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Control the cable chaos with cable organizer clamps, covers and accessories

Get control of wires and cables at your desk or work station with computer cord organizer and power distribution products, including:

  • Cable organizer solutions - Make routing, identifying and sorting cables, wires and power lines easier with wire looms, sleeving, reusable cable covers, and power and USB cable organizer kits. Bundle wires, prevent time-consuming tangles, and protect your precious cables from water, temperature, abrasion and chemicals with easy to install expandable heat shrink and color-coded cable covers.

    What's Inside:

  • Cable clamps and ties - Keep cables and wires where they're supposed to be with cable clips. Bundling and mounting is simple with their Cable Manager and cable clamps. Or keep related cables together and tangle free with quick cable ties.

  • Computer desk grommets - Use a cable routing grommet to eliminate behind the desk cable clutter, and keep your cables tangle free. Choose from an assortment of cable grommet shapes and sizes, in black or neutral to coordinate with your desk.

  • Cable label printers and cable tags - No more tracing a wire back to its source when you use cable labels to identify all your desk and workstation cables, power lines, communication lines and wires. Select write-on tags, or print and attach labels using a handheld printer.

  • Raceways and wire tracks - Direct and control wires with a raceway or Tele-Power electrical conduit. Use them with their other cable organizer products to ensure that data and power goes where you want, when you want.

  • Power distribution and surge protection - Distribute power to a variety of workstations or office equipment with power distribution cords and strips. Then protect valuable office equipment with home and business surge protectors.

The right tools to tame the cable chaos in your home or office… Currently, can email you a PDF file of their catalog, while new print catalogs are being made. Please click on the catalog button above to order.

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