Nice Aromas

Highly scented soy candles and unscented soy wax candles for aromatherapy

Nice Aromas delivers a unique assortment of natural and highly scented soy candles with distinctive fragrances that evoke a mood, memory or a place in one's soul. Delight in the aromas of a warm spring day, winter hints of pine and mint, or unscented candles that are the perfect candle choice for fine dining!

What's Inside:
  • Highly scented soy candles - Light up your life and feel good about doing it with natural, clean burning, highly scented soy candles, making them a smart, non-toxic eco-friendly choice. Scented soy wax candles burn cleaner than candles made from your everyday paraffin wax and are combined with intoxicating fragrances and essential oils to create lasting aromas that soothe and calm!

  • Aromatherapy candles - The right scent can evoke feelings of wellbeing, bring back cherished childhood memories, and inspire us to relax. Nice Aromas believes in the powers of aromatherapy and has an inviting collection of aromatic candles that are a blend of natural soy wax, lead free wicks and the highest quality essential oil fragrance blends! Whether you try uplifting grapefruit, jasmine, calming chamomile or soothing lavender, you'll savor these highly scented soy candles that not only smell amazing, but also have the powers to enhance your mood.

  • Moods and Memories soy candles - Brighten up your mood with French inspired, natural soy scented candles that evoke positive feelings and memories from excitement to indulgence, joy, innocence, relaxation, serenity and more highly scented soy candles that elevate all of your senses!

  • Gift ready soy candles - Every scented soy wax candle comes packaged in an exquisite gift box with a gift card, and is available in an 8 oz mood jar, a 13 oz home vase or a 20 oz comfort vase size! Awaken, energize and relax with a fresh selection of highly scented soy candles that embrace all of the beauty, wonders and fragrances of the seasons! Awaken your senses while achieving clarity with the scent of freshly brewed coffee, feel energized with delicate notes of ginger and hints of citronella, or take time to meditate with the woody blend of the Zen scented soy wax candle! From Healing Gardens to Japanese Cherry Blossoms, you'll be able to celebrate the joys of spring with soy scented candles all year long.

  • Soy candle gifts - Beginning with the world's finest ingredients, Nice Aromas gives you gift options that are as lovely as the tantalizing fragrances they emit. From lavish gift boxes to hand poured highly scented soy candles, your loved ones will adore exquisite glass jars and Parisian chic French inspired fragrances that all promote a healthier and happier mood.

  • Soy candle wedding favors - Send your wedding guests home with a unique, sweet smelling soy candle favor that will remind them of the beauty and magic of your special day, every time they light it. They work with you to create a unique natural soy candle wedding favor, from the label on the jar and gift box, to the fragrance and candle color. For a perfect sized favor elegantly housed in its own gorgeous gift box, choose from Lily of the Valley, Lavender scented soy candles and other inspiring scents that bring them back to the moment you said "I do".
Whether your candle preferences lean towards the fruity, woodsy, spicy, or you favor unscented soy wax candles that are ideal for mood lighting when no fragrance is desired, Nice Aromas brings the joy of burning highly scented soy candles into your home in a delightfully natural way.