American Tanning Supplies

Home or commercial tanning beds and tanning bed supplies for the ultimate indoor sun tan

Looking for a tanning bed for sale? Get an All American deal at American Tanning Supplies! Whether you need a commercial tanning bed, a home sun tanning bed or a tanning bed bulb to light it up, when it comes to tanning sunless, buy American!

What's Inside:
  • Commercial tanning bed - With American Tanning Supplies, you can wake up on the right side of the tanning bed every morning! Find the latest and greatest commercial tanning bed models from SunVision, Wolff, Solaris, SolarForce, SunScape and other leading commercial tanning bed brands!

  • Wolff tanning bed - It's a fact, Wolff tanning beds and components set the industry standard for excellence which is why American Tanning Supplies brings you the best Wolff tanning beds featured in today's sun tanning bed market! Whether you're looking for home or commercial tanning bed equipment, a Wolff tanning bed delivers the highest performance available for home or salon use!

  • Home tanning beds - Get a healthy looking tan, without stepping outside your front door! Sun tan in the privacy of your own home with 120 or 220-volt sun tanning beds that will give you the color you want without having to leave the house! Choose a Wolff tanning bed from Wolff Sunquest tanning beds to SunVision tanning beds that deliver a natural glowing sunless tan in minutes!

  • Tanning lotion - Slather on some creamy lotion to get your skin perfectly primed for tanning! From Emerald Bay's Beaches & Cream to Australian Gold's Barely Legal, you'll find Designer Skin tanning lotions, Swedish Beauty tanning lotions, California Tan and other popular tanning lotion brands!

  • Tanning bed supplies - Once you've chosen the tanning bed of your dreams, sun yourself with a supreme selection of sun tanning bed supplies and accessories! Find protective goggles, tanning bed cleaner, comfy contoured neck pillows, Nail Savers, tanning bed hair caps, indoor tanning lotions and even more supplies to ensure you get the perfect tan every time!

  • Tanning bed parts - For easy-does-it tanning bed upkeep, American Tanning Supplies has the tanning bed parts to keep your bed in business. Find tanning bed Ballasts, tanning bed lamp holders, timers, pistons and more. Leave it to the Buckbooster to regulate the voltage going to your tanning bed or pick up some Volt Fans that cool both the tanner and the tanning lamp for the ultimate tanning experience!
Whether you need Wolff tanning bed bulbs for your Wolff tanning bed, Designer Skin tanning lotion, tanner kits, Eyewear Eye Candy or other supplies and parts for your sweet new sun tanning bed, you'll literally find every tanning bed product under the sun in one easy, convenient trip. For a Hollywood tan that rivals any celebrity tan in Hollywood, surf's up at American Tanning Supplies.