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Chewing dog treat bones will delight your dog

There’s no need to save your meat bones after dinner because your dog will love dog treat bones that are delicious and great for any size dog. Man’s best friend will enjoy chomping on flavorful bones under the table, beside the chair, outside under a tree…anywhere!

  • Knotted rawhide bones are a tasty treat for your precious dog. All knotted rawhide bones are made from 100% natural white rawhide and have no added chemicals.... read more

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These bones are available in an assortment of sizes starting from the smaller 2.5 - 3” Mini Bones, all the way up to the whomping 24” knotted bones. These big bones are sure to keep larger dogs busy all day.

  • For dogs that prefer to chew on bones with a little more flavor, then try the Center Bone. The best thing about the Center Bone is that they are naturally baked, meaty and full of flavor. These bones are top quality because they are selected from USDA inspected meat plants with “Food Grade” natural smoke and flavors added, and no preservatives. You can also choose “ham bones” and meaty rib bones that come in a variety of sizes, as well.

  • Your dog deserves only the very best, so give him something yummy and tasty to eat. Your favorite canine will love to chew dog treat bones that will keep him happy for hours.

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