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Competition swim gear featuring Speedo, Nike, TYR swim suits and more

Swimmers, take note: your serious swim shop is here, with competition swimsuits, lifeguard gear and more.

  • Speedo swim suits & gear - Try one world's top-selling swimwear brand, dominating the world of competitive swimming, sponsoring a number of major swimming federations and actively supporting and investing in swimming from grassroots to elite level.

    What's Inside:

  • TYR swim suits for women - Female swimmers with speed and skill need swimwear, like the excellent Tyr swimsuit, that will hold up well in the water. While other swimsuit catalogs feature cute outfits for the beach, here you'll find ladies Fitness swim suits built for cutting through water at high velocity.

  • Find the best brands in swimwear - Of course they have Speedo swim suits, but you'll find other trusted brands here as well, with TYR swimsuits, NIKE swimsuits, Dolfin, RBK, FINIS, Watergear, Robic, Competitor swimsuits and more for athletic swimmers.

  • Make that rescue in cool lifeguard clothing - If you're a lifeguard, you want to look good, but you need gear that does the job as well you do. Find lifeguard swimsuits made just for you here, and other lifeguard clothing for those hectic beach or pool days. They can put the lifeguard logo on almost any item.

  • Get all your competitive swimming accessories - Speedo swimsuits and TYR swimsuits or any of our other brand name swimsuits are not all that the true athletic swimmer needs. There's no need to search elsewhere for goggles, swimming ear plugs and any swim equipment; you'll find most of what you need right here, from buoys to fins and more.

If you're looking for swimsuit stores with the biggest selection, Aardvark Swim has got your swim gear in stock. Shop from home for your serious swim gear needs.