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Check out our collection of Green & Organic Catalogs. This includes Green Home, Organic Linens, and Organic Food. Can be an aid to a greener life.

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Today’s friendly advice is about:

Natural organic products

The term organic has gone mainstream. Forty years ago,
natural organic products were limited to a few wilted items in the health food store’s cooler. Not now. Natural and organic stores carry everything from mattresses to shoes. Small mom and pop health food stores have given way to massive supermarket-sized chain stores offering all the needs for daily living in a healthier organic form. Even people living far from the progressive retail markets of the big city can find natural organic products online. Health-conscious consumers everywhere can order chemical and pesticide free bedding, clothing, furniture, building materials, and of course, organic foods. For shoppers who want to reduce their exposure to the harmful effects of synthetic pesticides, growth hormones and chemical additives, nirvana is just a block – or a click – away.

Green products

The world is turning green. No, not the trees and the grass:
the term green now refers to chemical free alternatives in everything from baby diapers to kitchen cleaners. The
demand for brightly-colored soaps and detergents has given
way to consumer requests for nearly clear but far safer
formulas. Formerly stark white diapers and onsies for newborns
are now a soft shade of vanilla, reflecting their un-dyed,
unbleached, natural organic cotton material. Paper goods now list
the percentage of recycled content. The demand for green & organic products now covers everything from flooring and house
paint to hybrid cars. And retailers are responding, offering
safer, less processed versions of the products everyone
needs. If you’re looking for greener choices, read the
label. Green products are usually prominently labeled with
their attributes. Phrases like unbleached, dye-free, chemical
free, organic, and recycled are a good indication that
the products you’re buying are part of the new green revolution.

Organic foods

There is no doubt; natural organic foods are healthier. Although
recent articles have touted the advantages of local produce
over long distance organics, the long term health risks
of fat-soluble chemicals and pesticides far outweigh the
slight increase in some vitamins and minerals found in
local but chemically treated produce. To be sure your food
is organic, look for a USDA or California organic food
certification. These labels mean that your food was grown
and processed without the addition of synthetic chemicals.
If you’re buying meat, milk or eggs, look for antibiotic
and hormone-free labeling. Don’t confuse natural foods
with natural organic foods. There is no standard definition for
natural foods, so ingredients like bleached sugar, preservatives,
and food coloring can be legally used in these products.

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Also, check out our collection of Green & Organic Catalogs. This includes Green Home, Organic Linens, and Organic Food. Can be an aid to a greener life.

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