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Beautiful dollhouses, collectible miniatures, and wood doll house kits

The rewarding hobby of dollhouse and dollhouse miniatures collecting has been around for centuries. People of all ages enjoy looking at the world in miniature scale. To bring you this catalog, Hobby Builders Supply has called upon all they have learned during their 30 years of selling pre-finished wood dollhouses, collectible miniatures, dollhouse kits, handcrafted wood dollhouse furniture, and dollhouse miniatures.

What's Inside:

Their full-color catalog is brimming with ideas to help you begin your collection or enhance the one you may already treasure. Their catalog and fast, user-friendly web site offer thousands of accessories to finish, furnish and decorate your beautiful dollhouse kits. So, sit back, relax and enter the imaginative world of miniatures. Start your heirloom collection today to share with generations to come.