Van Dyke's Restorers

Home restoration supplies, restorers hardware, tools, fixtures and furnishings

Whether you're involved in a historic home restoration, home improvement DIY projects or in search of vintage hardware, Van Dykes Restorers can help.

What's Inside:

Van Dykes Restorers - Shop the Van Dykes catalog for a wide variety of home restoration products including wooden moldings, trim, brackets, veneers and railings, cabinet and furniture knobs and pulls, restorers hardware for doors, windows and gates, illuminating lighting fixtures, graceful furniture pieces and all of your must-have supplies and tools that are essential for completing any successful home restoration.


Specialty hardware - Bring your vintage furnishings or period cabinetry, windows and doors back to their former glory with specialty restorers hardware including reproduction antique cabinet hinges, window latches, doorknobs and antique drawer pulls. Or check out the Van Dykes catalog collection of replica kitchen cabinet hinges, knobs, locks and other hardware pieces that will give a vintage look to new construction.


Lighting - Home restoration experts know that incorporating the right lighting is essential for any successful restoration. Ensure that your room's lighting matches the rest of your old house. Check out Van Dykes Restorers collection of vintage lighting fixtures that will match and complement the style of your home's era as well as ceiling medallions, traditional oil lamps and handsome switch plate covers for every room.


Furniture - Van Dykes Restorers also helps you furnish your home with the look of authentic antique furnishings. From functional kitchen and butcher blocks to intricately detailed bedroom, dining and living room furniture pieces, you’ll find the perfect furniture accent pieces waiting to be ordered in the Van Dykes catalog as well as DIY furniture kits so you can create your own heirloom cabinets, bookcases and more furniture staples.


Kitchen and bath - Your home restoration will never be complete without new fixtures and appliances for your kitchen or bath. The Van Dykes catalog offers all of the reproduction fixtures you need to restore a historic home or create an old fashioned kitchen or bath in your new home with showers, tubs, toilets and vanities for the bathroom and quality faucets, sinks and appliances to update and restore your new kitchen.

Van Dykes restoration hardware store has everything you need for your renovation, home improvement DYI projects and more. From specialty restorers hardware to cabinet hinges, lighting and plumbing fixtures, Van Dykes Restorers is your complete home restoration resource.