How to wear a brooch

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You don't always have to wear brooches on your clothing
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Have fun learning how to wear a brooch - they're not just for grannies any more!

Young fashionistas may not be familiar with brooches or may associate them with their great-grandmother and that would be a mistake. Brooches are very much a part of fashion in today's world.

A statement-making brooch is a piece of jewelry that is decorative and is pinned to a garment. In ancient times, a brooch was called a fibula. It was designed specifically for the purpose of being attached to a garment. The pronunciation of "brooch" is either \ˈbrōch or ˈbrüch. The first rhymes with "roach."  The second rhymes with "hooch."

Brooches are made of silver or gold or both as well as bronze and other metals and materials. Gemstones are often attached to the brooch. The brooch itself can be any configuration. It may be a flower or a star or any number of shapes. A brooch is ornamental but it can also be functional. Brooches can be used to fasten clothing. For example, a brooch can be used to fasten a cardigan sweater closed or you can keep your fashionable shawl in place by fastening it to the shoulder of the garment worn underneath using the brooch.

Brooches can be worn alone or in clusters on your sweaters, jackets, your outwear and even on your hats. A cluster of amazing brooches is certainly a way to make a fashion statement.

Brooches are generally worn on the chest area but that doesn't mean you have to wear them there. You can add a brooch to your belt or to your purse or to a headband. Brooches can be used to create a glorious wedding bouquet. Attach a brooch and some feathers to a hair comb and you have a beautiful hair ornament for a special occasion.

In days gone by (think of your great-grandmother's time), brooches were a fashion staple. Over the years, their popularity declined but they are back in full force and are being grabbed up by the young and old alike because they are so beautiful and can dress up any outfit, giving it some color, texture and sparkle.

Brooches can be contemporary in style or vintage. A cameo brooch resonates of the Elizabethan ear while a polished, rose gold-tone brooch featuring clear Austrian crystals and ivory class pearls and a center piece of smoky rose quartz oval cabochon is so lovely that people are going to stop you on the street demanding to know who your brooch supplier is.

Brooches run the gamut of styles. They can be whimsical, quirky, fun and funky or quite serious. It would be appropriate to wear a brooch to a funeral while it is also appropriate to wear one or tons of them on a night out on the town. Your choice of a brooch depends on what you are wearing and the occasion.

Another cool and unexpected way to wear a brooch is in your up-do. Pull the hair up and attach a brooch or brooches. 

Some of the most popular types of brooches are shaped like birds, flower, insects, butterflies and, over the years, feminine cameos and Celtic knots. Brooches can be fine and exquisite or they can be bold.

A brooch can be added to an otherwise unremarkable outfit --- think t-shirt and jeans -- and suddenly the outfit is transformed from dull to interesting. If you have a collection of brooches, think outside the box. Attach the brooches using a ribbon, cord, chain or wire and make them into a necklace. Additionally, attach a brooch to a fabric wristband and voila you have an unusual and great looking bracelet. The next day, change up the brooch and you have an entirely different look going. 

If the neckline on your dress is a bit too daring, use a glamorous brooch to close the gap, preserving your modesty.

There are dozens of ways to use and wear brooches. No, brooches are not your grandmother's jewelry any more. Any woman can wear a brooch and look fantastic as well as youthful and fashionable.

Brooches are a great accessory for special occasions and holidays.

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