Corporate picnic ideas for team-building

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company picnic
The company picnic is ideal for engaging in team-building activities
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Use these corporate picnic ideas for team-building in your company

A company should never underestimate the need of its employees -- from management down to the lowliest employee -- to have fun. 

Everyone needs a break from work, which ultimately benefits the company in terms of morale and production because the employees get to kick back and relax. People from different departments get to know one another, off the clock. Many corporate picnic ideas provide great ways to provide your employees with much needed R&R while simultaneously strengthening relationships and promoting team-building, which strengthen your company.

A company picnic is an ideal means of promoting solidarity among the “troops” and gives management a chance to intermingle with laborers. It also shows the employees that the company cares about them and their families and values leisure time. Corporate picnics are the perfect time to recognize employees, individually, as teams or departments, for achievements and to distribute motivational awards.

The specific activities that employees engage in at the company picnic, whether it’s a softball game or an outhouse race, are team-building exercises and fun as well, which later translates into the workers’ ability to be a team on the job and work together productively. Games of this nature also help to establish trust. If you are depending on your Billy to block for you in a football game and he does you pretty much know that he is trustworthy and has your back.  

Employees are going to be more productive, and certainly happier on the job, when the dynamics and environment of the company are favorable. The work environment can benefit from annual company picnics or other outings that help establish new relationships that might not have otherwise occurred in the workplace. When employees get to know each other on a ball field or when they participate in other fun activities this creates relationships that are more personal and carry over to work.  

A company may be surprised to learn that fractious work relationships that taint the company environment can, at times, be healed when the quarreling co-workers meet in a relaxed atmosphere, where fun is the agenda instead of work. When people are taken out of context and are no longer a supervisor or underling and instead are the third baseman of the softball team and possibly taken orders from the company janitor, who is the coach, it changes the dynamics and people get to know one another as regular Joes and not as their work superior or inferior.  

Sitting at a picnic table with a group of people, enjoying some corn on the cob and a cold beer, helps employees discover they have a lot in common with a co-worker that they never gave much thought to or about before and a relationship develops, which is certainly to the benefit of a company that wants a cooperative atmosphere. 

When playing games or engaging in activities at the company picnic individuals become aware of the strengths and abilities of others. Joe is the best pitcher, whereas Lily is the fastest runner. This awareness can be taken into the workplace where employers are then more likely to acknowledge the abilities and contributions of others.  

A ball team can’t be successful if the players hate one another and don’t work well together. Imagine being the quarterback on a football team and your linebackers refuse to protect you. Same goes for company employees. If the group is not a team the company is not going to be successful.  

When team-building occurs the employees have a mutual goal, which heightens the performances of individuals which, of course, results in improved overall accomplishments.  

The company picnic is also an ideal time to single out employees who have done an outstanding job. Awards and recognition should be given. Everyone likes to be praised. Doing such in front of the employee’s family is even better.  

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