Great baby toys make perfect first gifts

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stack of blocks
Blocks make a long-lasting gift for baby
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A list of ideas for first toys and baby shower gifts

Baby's first toys make excellent gifts for showers or welcome-baby parties. The best first baby toys are easy to clean and care for, and they contain no safety hazards for the little one. Unlike some of the flashing/singing plastic toys common today, toys that allow interaction and imaginative play may stay popular with the little one even past infancy.

So you see that great baby toys make perfect first gifts because they may delight a child for up to several years. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Stuffed Animals or Dolls

Stuffed animals and dolls make great first baby toys because they are soft, cute, and usually easy for baby to hold. Bunnies, bear, and elephants are always popular animals, but really anything is suitable. Just make sure that animals or dolls contain no small pieces that a baby could easily rip or chew off. If this happens, the baby could put the piece in her mouth and choke. Choose baby's first toys without buttons, hard eyes, snaps, and so forth, or make sure that all such pieces are very securely fastened. Don't trust the manufacturer to do so.

Bath Toys

Not only do great baby toys make perfect first gifts, but they also can provide decoration. Though a newborn may not be able to play with bath toys immediately, he will soon grow to the point where he enjoys colorful plastic toys in his tub. If you're helping decorate for a baby shower, you can also use bath toys as decorations to match your theme and then help the mom pack up these items with the rest of her gifts.

Building Blocks

You can choose the conventional lettered, cube-shaped blocks; the colored "blocks" in multiple shapes; or large Lego-style blocks. Though babies usually need to be older before they understand how to build, they can still enjoy the colors and shapes. Just make sure the pieces aren't small enough to go entirely in the mouth and cause choking. Also ensure that painted toys do not use lead paint.

Blocks make good baby's first toys because they will be a more lasting gift than some other toys. Children from babies up to preschool age enjoy playing with blocks.

Classic Books

Great baby toys make perfect first gifts, but so do books. Classic books often appear at baby showers because reading is an important part of childhood for many moms. Plus, reading often to children increases their literacy and readiness for school. You can choose more advanced books for mom to read, or you can choose board books which baby can enjoy on her own.

Stacking Rings

A set of stacking rings helps baby's coordination. You can find everything from basic colored rings to whimsical, animal-decorated, or patterned sets. These sets are well known as baby's first toys, and they continue to be popular after many years.

Sorting Sets

Sorting sets encourage older infants to sort shapes usually by geometric pattern and sometimes by color. They usually consist of a big ball or container with cutouts in the sides to match the individual shapes. Baby must get the shapes into the container by fitting them into the appropriate cutouts. Sorting sets are also recognized as good baby's first toys that help develop coordination.

Handcrafted Toys

If you have a crafty interest, you can also make versions of many of these first baby toys. You can find sewing, knitting, crocheting, and woodworking patterns for these and plenty other toys for kids.

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