Choosing nonpastel baby nursery decor

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Nonpastel baby nursery decor can incorporate bright colors, earth tones, neutrals, jewel tones, or primary colors
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You're not limited to pastels in your baby nursery decor

Nonpastel baby nursery decor may be the thing you need if seeing sherbet makes you gag and you think designers of baby clothes got stuck with half a box of crayons when they were learning their colors.

Nonpastel baby nursery decor can make use of dark shades, primary colors, jewel tones, neutrals, or bright colors. Choosing bold colors for your baby nursery can be fun, invigorating and just a little unconventional.

Best Advice for Choosing Nonpastel Baby Nursery Decor

The best advice for choosing nonpastel baby nursery decor is to go with what you like. Your baby isn't going to care what colors are in his or her nursery, and most of your family and friends aren't going to spend much time in the nursery. So go with what you like. Find the big items and then make other choices based on those main elements.

Crib and Bedding

The crib and baby bedding is one of the more important elements of baby nursery decor because your baby -- you hope -- will be spending a lot of time sleeping. You need a crib that will keep your little one safe and bedding that is easy to wash.

In order to keep tabs on what items are safe, you may wish to become familiar with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's site for infant and child product recalls. You may even want to bookmark the site and check back every so often for updates. (Note that this page does not include toy recalls.)

When you're choosing nonpastel baby nursery decor, check for sets which offer coordinating pieces. The best options are ones that allow people to buy pieces separately. That way, you can register for all or only select pieces of baby bedding, and shower attendees can just buy a piece or two instead of springing for the whole set.

Changing Table

Some people find a changing table an indispensable part of the nursery. Others prefer to save the space and change baby on the nearest surface. If you do choose to include a changing table in your nursery, you will want it to coordinate with the bedding and other nonpastel baby nursery decor.

Aside from the furniture style, you can coordinate this element with the rest of your baby nursery decor by choosing a matching cover for the changing table pad. If your table also contains shelves where you can store diapers, wipes, and lotion, consider organizing these items in canvas baskets or containers with fabric liners. Then you can choose birght, bold colors that match your nursery decor.


If you really want to coordinate, don't forget accessories, including blankets, burp cloths, washcloths, and diaper bag. You may be able to find these items in baby stores. With some basic sewing skills, you can also make a number of these items at a lower cost than buying them. For inspiration and instructions, you might like to check out online patterns for diaper bags, burp cloths, reusable wipes, and more. If you don't sew but you have a friend who does, consider asking that friend to sew some items for your shower. If you want specific colors or fabrics, make sure to specify these from the beginning.

You can also buy many designer diaper bags that can go along with boldly colored nursery decor schemes. Plus, these bags often don't look like diaper bags because they are not in "baby" colors. They look like messenger bags, backpacks, and purses.

Online Registries

The key to choosing bold colors for your baby nursery is sometimes just to look in different places. If the stores around you don't carry the items you want, take your search online. Many online stores and department store websites will allow you to register with them. If your shower attendees are comfortable with the Internet, they can order items online and have them shipped to themselves or directly to you.

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