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Best of … classic candy stores

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 9, 2011
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A list of the best of classic candy storesContributed by Rachelle Dawson, Top 10 Guru

Fads come and go, whether in fashion, entertainment, or language.

Much of what has come before is forgotten, but the classics are the things we remember, decades and sometimes generations later. Classic candy stores continue to sell those treats that remind many of us of the carefree days of childhood.

Here are the best of classic candy stores, where you can satisfy your retro sweet tooth.

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

Handmade candies we grew up with

Sometimes, only the candy you grew up eating will satisfy that nostalgic sweet tooth. That’s especially true if you grew up in the days of handmade candies like rock candy and rich creamy fudge. Savannah’s Sweets gets that yearning. That’s why they offer handcrafted candies just like in the days when you were a kid. And if the can’t make it, they also carry a section of classic penny candies, too. Your childhood just got a little closer!

Blair Candy

Blast from the Past

A list of the best of classic candy stores

Like Old Time Candy, Blair Candy sells a selection of retro candy. Here you can shop by type of candy or occasion, and you’ll even find an assortment of gluten-free candy. Additional features that set apart Blair from other classic candy stores are the small offering of dog and cat treats, wholesale candy, and candy store supplies. If you want to introduce retro candy into your place of business or your fundraising efforts, you may want to check if Blair Candy will work for you.

For the Pecan Lover

A list of the best of classic candy stores has its name for a reason: They sell pecans, pecans, and more pecans. From this shop, you can buy plain pecans, flavored pecans, pecan pies, and of course, pecan candy. You may choose dark chocolate- or white chocolate-covered pecans; Texas-shaped fudge; or a sampler of cinnamon pecans, pralines, toffee-covered nuts, and milk chocolate-covered pecans.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Chocolate and Caramel, a Recipe for Success

A list of the best of classic candy stores

In business for well over twenty years, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has become something of a classic itself. Its two biggest ingredients, chocolate and caramel, have proven to be a recipe for success, as the original shop has expanded into franchises throughout the United States, Canada, and even the United Arab Emirates. Rocky Mountain is well known for its fudge and caramel apples, but the company also sells a variety of other confections you might expect to find in classic candy stores. Some of the other choices include English toffee, chocolate mints, chocolate-covered pretzels, and chocolate bars. Even their specialties come in a variety of “flavors.” Caramel apples, for example, come in these flavors: cheesecake, M&M, and rocky road. Fudge comes in chocolate walnut, vanilla, rocky road, and vanilla peanut butter, among other flavors.

Candy Crate

Nostalgic Candy by the decade

When you want a taste of your past (or want to treat someone special to a taste of theirs), there’s nothing like a box of the candies and sweets that were popular back when riding bikes and getting ready for the new school year were both a big part of your life. Candy Crate makes it easy to do just that, with their candy-by-the-decade packages. Starting with the 1940′s, they have a preselected box of the most popular candies of the decade all the way up through the 1990′s!

Mrs. Prindables

Caramel apples like you’ve never seen before

Candy caramel apples are a special kind of classic candy. Most of us grew up having them at carnivals and fairs, and odds are our parents got them in their Trick or Treat bags, too. But I promise you that Mrs. Prindables apples are unlike anything you got from a stand near the Tilt-A-Whirl.

Each of her apples are dipped in rich caramel, but it doesn’t stop there. Next comes layers of luscious chocolate. And then they’re decked out with nuts or chocolate chips or other tasty gilding. The result is an amazing flavor explosion in every bite. Yes, it’s classic. And yes, it’s anything but. And that works just fine!


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