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December 1, 2011
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A list of the best of sweets and treats by mailContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

The Holidays – actually ANY days – are all about giving, loving your fellow man and serious sweets and treats.

It’s nearly impossible to open the front door, sign a little form, receive a box of goodies and not feel just a bit merrier than you did before. And if you are mailing ordering sweets at random times during the year, they will arrive with the element of surprise, and really delight the recipient!

This, of course, isn’t news and as such there are an endless number of options. To help you narrow the scope and save time during your hectic day, here are the best of sweets and treats by mail.

Wine Country Gift Baskets

Decorated cookies

One the list of the best of sweets and treats by mail

Gorgeous and yummy, decorated cookies are perfect for every occasion, like these “new baby” cookies from Wine Country Gift Baskets. Send thank you cookies, congratulations cookies and “welcome spring” cookies. Then drop in for a visit. You can even bring the glass of milk!

Blair Candy

Old school

A list of the best of sweets and treats by mail

Blair Candy has an assortment of old school goodies, but their extensive online store doesn’t stop there. There are plenty of Christmas and other Holiday candy selections, like these festive lollipops. Have a choco-fanatic in the family? Blair’s can set you up with chocolate Christmas lollipops too.

Nutty for the holidays

A list of the best of sweets and treats by mail

Pecans have slowly but surely become the favored nut of the Holidays over the decades. It must be the innate sweetness these little beauties bring the festivities. So, naturally, they should be coated in chocolate, sugar and other assorted decadent toppings. And that’s just what you’ll find at; this is particularly evident with their wide assortment of pies and candies.

Savannah’s Candy

Toffee in a tin

A list of the best of sweets and treats by mail

Homemade toffee with a dusting of Georgia pecans; the ultimate in sweets and treats. The only thing better is a full, 14 ounce tin of homemade toffee with a dusting of Georgia pecans. Savannah Candy will be more than happy to package this up and send it that special someone for you. A little icing on this toffee cake is the knowledge that you’ll actually have some money left over for a gift or two.

Holy Spirit Monastery

Fudge this good SHOULD be sinful!

There’s fudge, and then there’s fudge. You know what I mean. There’s the kind you get at the mall. It’s kind of grainy and usually too sweet. And then there’s real fudge. The kind that’s made with real butter and real chocolate and just the right amount of sugar. That real fudge? That’s what you get from Holy Spirit Monastery Gifts. Melt in your mouth chunks of chocolate heaven. In fact, the only thing that saves it from being genuinely sinful is the fact that it’s made by monks. So you get do support a good cause, and send someone an amazing sweet treat. Yup, this is one of the best!

Fairytale Brownies

Chewy, rich fudgy brownies – just add the glass of milk

Let’s see. They’re brownies. They come in twelve flavors. And they’ll deliver them to your door? Yup, that’s pretty much heaven. Thanks to Fairytale Brownies, magic really does happen. And it comes packed for your favorite holiday, special occassion or just because.

No grocery store bakery tastes here. This is the real thing, even better than homemade because you can send them anywhere without messing up your own kitchen. All you have to add is a tall glass of ice cold milk. Mmmmmmmm.


Cookies that taste like home

Cookies are one of the most popular sweets. But except for mom sending a care package to a homesick child at school, fwe people send cookies as gifts. And that’s a shame, because people love getting cookies! Thank good for Cheryl’s, because she’s bringing back the cookie as a gift.

Her shaped and decorated cookies are almost too pretty to eat…but don’t let that stop you from popping a couple into your mouth as soon as the box arrives. They are delicious, with a rich homemade flavor. Send cookies with a holiday theme, for a special occasion or even to your clients and customers (yes, Cheryl’s does business gifts, too!)

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